Literature Students See NYC Staging of "The Color Purple"


  In February, students in Dr. Rose Angelis’s
  Film and Literature course traveled to
  Manhattan to see the acclaimed Broadway
  show “The Color Purple.” Dr. DeAngelis
  explained that she wanted to give her students
  the chance to compare different renditions of
  the same work. As Dr. DeAngelis recalls, “
  semester, when I was putting together my
  syllabus, I thought about teaching Alice Walker's
  The Color Purple and pairing it with Steven
  Spielberg’s 1986 film adaptation and, if possible,
  the Broadway show. The performance
allowed the
  students to see the novel in another medium and in
  a more modern and inclusive setting.” 

According to English major Meghan Jones ’17 "’The Color Purple’ was definitely one of the most empowering, inspiring shows
I have ever seen. I had not yet read the book when I saw the show, and I had no idea what to expect. I found myself expecting
a very sad show, and while there are many emotional moments, the ending of the show was a peaceful, happy, and triumphant
one.” Jones reserved particular praise for the music, sung by unbelievably talented performers, Cynthia Erivo as Celie in
particular." According to Dr. DeAngelis, the trip provided her students with a new venue for class discussion and reflection:
"It created a bonding experience among the students and allowed the more quiet students in the class to feel relaxed enough
to contribute the conversations that ensued in the bus on the way home.”