English Department Faculty


Prof. Matt Andrews
Acting technique; directing; theatre/arts management;
20th-century American drama

Dr. Eileen Curley
English Department Chair
19th-century theatre of the U.S. and U.K; gender in
performance; amateur and community performance;
theatrical architecture and audiences; performance
of nation and empire; scenic design

Dr. Rose De Angelis
American and ethnic literature, gender studies, and
cultural studies

Dr. Moira Fitzgibbons
Late medieval religious literature and culture; disability,
gender, and queer studies; Chaucer; the history of the
English language; Old English language and literature

Dr. Lea Graham
Poetry and poetry criticism; travel writing; Canadian
literature;magic realism; Latin American and Spanish
Caribbean literature;place studies

Dr. Richard Grinnell
English Renaissance literature, Shakespeare, and the
dramatic literature of the 16th and 17th centuries in England;
literature and the environment, science fiction

Dr. Pau-San Haruta
Language acquisition; dyslexia; gifted education;cognitive

Dr. Joshua Kotzin
American literature 1865-1945; Jewish studies; literature
of the Holocaust; creative nonfiction


     Dr. Angela Laflen
     20th-century American literature; visual rhetoric; rhetoric and
     composition; professional writing; theory and cultural studies;
     women's literature; multi-ethnic literature

     Dr. Gregory Machacek
     Milton; 17th-century British literature; epic; ancient Greek and
     Roman literature

     Dr. Stephen Mercier
     Composition studies; 19th-century American literature; nature
     writing; environmental aesthetics; place studies; ecocriticism

     Prof. Mark Morreale
     The novel; 18th- and 19th-century British literature. feminism;
     New Historicism; creative writing; Civil War literature;

     Prof. Lisa Neilson
     Composition; sports literature and writing; contemporary
     American literature; memoir writing; nonfiction studies

     Dr. Patricia Tarantello
     Composition and rhetoric; American literature; feminist and
     gender theory; castaway narratives; digital humanities

      Dr. Joseph Zeppetello
      Composition and rhetoric; fiction; creative nonfiction

      Prof. Tommy Zurhellen
      Fiction; creative writing theory; literature of war and the epic