Congratulations to English intern Megan Rutkowski, winner of the 2012-2103 School of Liberal Arts Intern of the Year Award!

Internship Opportunities

Marist English majors have had a wide variety of experiences as interns, working in prestigious law firms, in advertising agencies, in nationally recognized news corporations (such as CBS, NBC and FOX), in publishing houses, in magazines both local (Hudson Valley Magazine) and national (Mad Magazine), in non-profit organizations (including Marist’s own Hudson River Valley Institute and the Center for Lifetime Study), in television shows (such as Nickelodeon, Nick-at-Nite and Sixty Minutes), in a variety of businesses throughout the tri-state area, with poetry societies both here and abroad, with drama companies, as research assistants, as tutors in the Writing Center, as proofreaders and copyeditors for nationally-recognized authors,and with county and state legislatures.

You can enroll in an internship for as few as 1 credit or as many as 9 credits. You are expected to complete 3 hours of work per week for each credit you receive (in other words 1 credit translates into 3 hours of work per week and 9 credits translates into 27 hours of work per week). 

Internship Eligibility:

As stipulated by Career Services at Marist College, all prospective interns must meet the follow eligibility requirements before they may participate in Field Experience: 

  • Matriculation in a bachelor's degree program
  • Completion of 60 credits, at least 12 of which were earned at Marist
  • Minimum GPA of 2.50
  • Completion of courses that relate to the duties to be performed at the work site
  • Approval of the division Faculty Internship Co-Coordinators in English prior to registering for Field Experience (Internship) credit
  • In addition, students must also meet the necessary qualifications established by the participating employer.
  • Internship credits will not be granted for existing full-time or part-time jobs

 See Career Service's Internships page for more details about eligibility.

By enrolling in internship credit, you are required to report to your on-site supervisor as well as the English Department Internship Coordinator.

Students interested in internships in English should contact the department's coordinator: Eileen Curley.

Intern Profiles:


herbert rutkowski

Leah Butterwick

Interned for:

  The Poetry Society      

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 Kathryn Herbert

Interned for:

New York City office of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

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Megan Rutkowski

Interned for:

New York State Unified Court System American Red Cross 

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