English at Marist: Program & Requirements


 In the Marist English Department, we believe that the best way to prepare for the future is
 to have a firm grounding in literary and literacy traditions and a strong set of skills in reading,
 thinking, analysis, and writing. At Marist, you can work with a diverse group of dedicated,
 knowledgeable, and professionally active faculty, along with a large group of engaged
 majors and minors, to study the past, present, and future of the English language.

 As detailed below, English majors choose concentrations in Literature, Writing, or Theatre.
 A common sequence of foundation courses and substantial overlap between the
 concentrations creates many opportunities for students to collaborate with one another
 and with many different faculty members.

               **See the English Majors Miscellanypdf for detailed information about
clubs, events, and Fall 2018 courses.**


English Major w/ Concentration in Literature

English Major w/ Concentration in Theatre

English Major w/ Concentration in Writing


English-Literature Minor

English-Theatre Minor

English-Writing Minor

English-Creative Writing Minor


Secondary Teaching for English Majors


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