Name: Dr. Pau-San Haruta
Title: Associate Professor
Office Location: Fontaine 219
Extension: (845) 575-3000 ext. 2480
Degrees Held:

BA, Department of English, Universiti Sains Malaysia

PhD, Department of Linguistics and Cognitive Science, University of Delaware


Human Subjects Research - Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)


Pau-San Haruta is the only expert who has published studies on the language behaviors and productions of exceptional populations across the spectrum, from the gifted to those with disabilities. Due to her pioneering, one-of-a-kind research, Dr. Haruta is regularly sought as a referee for leading peer-reviewed journals, including ones published by Routledge and MIT Press. As an expert in twice-exceptionality, she served on the Editorial Advisory Board of a National Association for Gifted Children publication for two terms.

As a linguist and cognitive scientist, Dr. Haruta has worked in private practice with individuals with language disorders for over a decade. Besides her specialty practice, she has conducted case studies fieldwork spanning more than 20 years. Her unique background of combining theoretical training with extensive fieldwork allowed her to develop a diagnostic/therapy method for correcting language-processing problems. She designed the architecture of a cloud computing system for this corrective method. Marist College is the site of NY State Cloud Computing and Analytics Center. She also helped Marist secure National Science Foundation (NSF) funding to join Internet2.

In addition to collaborating with computer scientists, Dr. Haruta also team-taught with mathematicians for many years, receiving an NSF grant for curriculum development. Her book, Technical Communication: Excelling in a Technological World, published by a digital learning company in 2016, provides guidelines on how to present information based on how people process verbal and visual input.

Dr. Haruta has published papers on exceptional languages, linguistics, writing, and gifted education as well as presented on these topics at national and international conferences. Her chapter on cognitive characteristics was published in a reference handbook.

Dr. Haruta has also mentored undergraduates to publish in peer-reviewed journals and present at national conferences. Some of her mentees received scholarships at selective graduate programs such as Columbia University. Her students and interns raised over $150,000 for not-for-profits through their coursework. She encourages all her students to excel and exceed expectations.

Dr. Haruta holds a unique position at Marist by teaching across three separate disciplines: Linguistics, Writing, and Literature. She designed Marist’s Writing Major. As a senior member of the faculty, she has assumed many committee responsibilities, including reporting on the college’s planning and resource use for its accreditation, and serving on the Faculty Affairs Committee and the Institutional Review Board.  She has chaired numerous Peer Review Committees for tenure and promotion. She was the Dean of a language school for two terms.

As a long-time resident of Hyde Park, Dr. Haruta has volunteered much of her time on supporting the academic needs of local families, including those dealing with ADHD and dyslexia. Together with her own children, Dr. Haruta organized and ran MathCounts for a local middle school. Among her mentees were students who were the first in their families to go to college. Some of them were admitted to top institutions, including Cornell and the US Naval Academy. 


See book, Technical Communication: Excelling in a Technological World, at


Research Interests:

Language disorders, dyslexia and ADHD, exceptional languages, cognitive science



Linguistic Society of America

National Association for Gifted Children