Name: Dr. Moira Fitzgibbons
Title: Professor of English
Director, Core/LS Program
Assistant Dean, School of Liberal Arts
Office Location: Fontaine 223
Extension: (845) 575-3000 ext. 6059
Degrees Held:

B.A. Georgetown University
Ph.D. Rutgers University-New Brunswick


Co-chair, 2018-2023 Strategic Planning Committee

Founding member, Marist College Center for Ethics


Strange texts and smart students.

Awards & Honors:

Board of Trustees Distinguished Teaching Award, 2012

Student Government Association Overall Full-Time Faculty Member of the Year Award, 2012

Student Government Association School of Liberal Arts Faculty Member of the Year, 2007, 2009, & 2010



"What Does It Mean to Read a Medieval Text?", curated collaborative chapter, The Open Access Companion to the Canterbury Tales, 2017.

"Women, Tales, and 'Talking Back' in Pore Caitif and Dives and Pauper," Middle English Religious Writing in Practice: Texts, Readers, and Transformations, ed. Nicole Rice (Brepols Publishers, 2013), 181-214.

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Research Interests:

Late medieval religious literature and culture; disability, gender, and queer studies; children's literature; Chaucer; the history of the English language; Old English language and literature; the graphic novel; modern representations of medieval life and texts.


Society for the Study of Disability in the Middle Ages (Executive Committee Member), Modern Language Association, Medieval Academy, New Chaucer Society