Name: Dr. John Allan Knight
Title: Associate Professor of Religious Studies;
Coordinator, Academic Lecture Series
Coordinator, Catholic Studies Program
Office Location: Fontaine 324
Extension: (845) 575-3000 ext. 2052
Degrees Held:

Ph.D. University of Chicago
M.Div. University of Chicago
J.D. George Washington University
A.B. Southern Nazarene University



Liberalism vs. Postliberalism: The Great Divide in Twentieth Century Theology (New York: Oxford University Press, 2013). Available here.

Selected Articles, Reviews, Chapters:

“Saying One Thing and Doing Another: The Supreme Court on Assessing the Reasonableness of Religious Beliefs” (in progress).

“The Return of Truth: Defending the Correspondence Theory After the Liberal/Postliberal Divide” (under review).

"Tragedy," in The New Dictionary of Theology, ed. Philip Duce et al. (Nottingham: InterVarsity, 2016).

"Wittgenstein's Web: Hans Frei and the Meaning of Biblical Narratives," Journal of Religion 95 (July 2015): 337-360.

"Descriptivist Reference and the Return of Classical Theism," in Models of God and Other Ultimate Realities, ed. Jeanine Diller & Asa Kasher (Dordrecht: Springer, 2013), 205-221.

"The Barthian Heritage of Hans Frei," Scottish Journal of Theology 61(3) (August 2008): 307-326.

"Why Not Davidson? Neopragmatism in Religious Studies and the Coherence of Alternative Conceptual Schemes," Journal of Religion 88 (Apr. 2008): 159-189.

Review of Philosophical Theology and Christian Doctrine by Brian Hebblethwaite, Journal of Religion 87 (Oct. 2007): 645-46.

"Truth, Justified Belief, and the Nature of Religious Claims: Schubert Ogden's Transcendental Criterion of Credibility," American Journal of Theology and Philosophy 27 (Jan. 2006): 55-83.