Name: Dr. Thomas Goldpaugh
Title: Associate Professor in English
Office Location: Fontaine 223
Extension: (845) 575-3000 ext. 2140
Degrees Held: B.A. in English, SUNY New Paltz
Ph.D. from New York University

Bio: Dr. Goldpaugh first came to Marist in 1986 as an adjunct and has been teaching full-time since 1990. Dr. Goldpaugh has just completed a three-part study of the manuscripts in the David Jones Archives at the National Library of Wales. The first part of that study, "On the Traverse of the Wall: The Lost, Long Poem of David Jones," was published in the Journal of Modern Literature, while the second, "Mapping the Labyrinth: The Ur-Anathemata of David Jones," appeared in Renascence. The third article was published in David Jones: Diversity in Unity, a collection of essays published by the University of Wales Press. At present, he is completing an edition of the unpublished poetry of David Jones for the University of Wales Press.

Interests: Dr. Goldpaugh teaches courses in Modernism, Literary Theory, and Romanticism. He is also interested in Celtic modernism, hypertext, and the history of the book.