Name: Dr. Mar Peter-Raoul
Title: Assistant Professor, Religious Studies; Co-Projectkeeper, Marist Praxis Project for Public Citizenship
Office Location: Fontaine 203
Extension: (845) 575-3000 ext. 2181
Personal Web Page: http://Mar at Marist
Degrees Held:

PH.D State University of New York at Binghamton, May 1991, Comparative Literature: Major - American Ethnic Literature; 1st Minor - Social Criticism; 2nd Minor - Third World Theologies.
M.A. University of Notre Dame, July 31, 1987, Theology: Major - Social Ethics and Liberation Theology.
M.A. SUNY at Binghamton, May 1982, Social Science: Major - Social Problems and Criticism.
B.A. Harpur College, SUNY-Binghamton, 1979. All-College Honors, Major - Philosophy with Psychology.


Certificate in Religious Studies, Oxford University, Summer 1995.
Certificate in Advanced Religious Studies in Justice and Peace, Maryknoll School of Theology, August 1984.


Ascribes to the prophetic vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. of the Beloved Community. Has four sons - Jody, Jamie, Jory-Pierre, Tamathy, and one daughter - Heather Summer. Tried to raise them to be poets and beachcombers, but they all put themselves through College and became professionals. Resident-founder of the Beloved Community House in Binghamton, New York Treasures her kids, and her kids' kids. With Dr. Bruce Luske, co-founded the Marist Praxis Project for Public Citizenship and the Minor in Public Praxis or Search on Marist home page - Public praxis.
Co-founded with Marist alumni Citizens for the Long Haul.  Established global praxis sites in Calcutta, Haiti, Kenya.

Working on third book manuscript - Occupy Pedagogy: Equipping Students to Make & Occupy a Better World.

Published books, articles, poems, chapters.  Most recently: "Peter Maurin - Pedagogy from the Margins," The Journal of Peace & Justice Studies, Volume 22, Number 1.


Vigils, protests, humanizing the world, advocating for mothers in prison, social movements, reading theology and praxis-oriented pedagogy, writing both scholarly & public work; & also creative works, viewing documentary/film, daily reading New York Times, on-line Common Dreams, Truth-Dig, CNN (Freedom Project), Public Television/Radio and other news sources.  Love communal gatherings, working lunches, getting to know mothers and their children who live on the pavement in Calcutta, establishing a relational project at the Sree Durga dump there, traveling to poor countries with grandsons and students to set up projects, playing piano, harpsichord, accordian, listening to classical guitar, seeing the sea, reading, reading, reading.

Awards & Honors:

Named Ambassador for Peace, Spring 2006.
Awarded a Sabbatical from Marist College to return to Calcutta and set up a Praxis Project with pavement mothers and children, gaining a glimpse of their views on their lives, and writing a certain liberation theology.
Elected Treasurer & on Advisory Committee, International Philosophers for Peace.
Listed twice in Who's Who of American Colleges and Universities.
The Marist Praxis Project for Public Citizenship chosen by the Templeton Foundation as one of 100 Colleges in the United States that best promotes Citizenship.
Selected for Erasman Foundation Summer Scholar Progam, 2002.
Selected as a Cooledge Fellow, Columbia University/Jewish Theological Union/Union Seminary, Summer 1999


Yearning to Breathe Free: Liberation Theologies in the U.S., Maryknoll: Orbis Books, 1991, first editor; chapter, "From South Bronx to South Africa: Prayer, Praxis, Song."
Letters to Michael: Bridging the Gap Between Faith & Skepticism, Philadelphia.: Christian Literature Crusade, 1979.
"Mothers in Prison: Institutional Violence, Human Values, and Healing," The Netherlands: Rodopi Press, 1999.
"Mothers in Prison..." reprinted, Shalom Papers: A Journal of Theology and Public Policy, Washington, D.C.: Churches' Center for Theology and Public Policy, 2001.
"Justice as Structure and Strategy of Peace," The Netherlands: Rodopi Press, ca. 2000.
"Justice..." reprinted, Culture and Quest for Peace Conference, Calcutta: International Society for Intercultural Studies and Research, 2002.
Public Publications, regional papers.
"Peace from Below: Building the Beloved Community of Martin Luther King," World Peace, Calcutta, 2005.
"Jihad or the Beloved Community: Benjamin R. Barber on Terrorism and Global Democracy," Philosophical Perspectives on the 'War on Terrorism,'" editor, Gail Presbey.
Panel presentation, "Project Public Citizenship" with Dr. Joseph Zeppetello, Conference, "Who Speaks for the Common Good?" 2008.
Talk - "Emerging Spirit: Toward the Spirituality of a New Heroism,"  International Philosophers for Peace Conference, 2007.                                                                                                                                                                               Talk - "Praxis - Making it Happen" Payne Mansion, Servant Leadership, with Marist students & youth at St. Miguel's in Newburgh, October, 2012..                                                                                                                                           Article - "Peter Maurin - Pedagogy from the Margins," Journal of Peace & Justice Studies, Volume 22, Number 1, 2012.


Research Interests:

Liberation theology
Social criticism
Praxis-oriented pedagogy
Social justice/Humanitarian concerns, in particular, mothers in prison and mothers and their children who live on the pavement & at the Sree Durga dump in Kolkata.
Exploring a liberative theology in Calcutta.

Manuscript - Praxis and Public Citizenship: A Pedagogy of Conscience with Dr. Joseph Zeppetello, recently renamed Ocxcupy Pedagogy: Equipping Students to Make & Occupy a Better World.

Conferences & Workshops:

Numerous: local, national, international.


International Philosophers for Peace 1995 - present.
International Society for Cultural Studies and Research - 2000 - present.
American Association of Religion (intermittently).
National Society of Experiential Education (intermittently).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Founding member of the Beloved Community House in Binghamton, New York


Numerous: local, regional, national, international.


Would like to see Marist College graduate all its students - whatever their professional course and further aspirations - equipped for lives of Public/Global Citizenship.

Would like to see developed a semester road trip across the U.S. visiting Civil Rights sites, sites of historical and present-day struggle, seeing documentary along the way; stopping at sites of public praxis for public work; & end up in Washington, D.C. speaking with Congress members about first-hand concerns, with documents and letters of advocacy.