Name: Dr. Louis Zuccarello
Title: Professor of Political Science
Office Location: Fontaine 328
Extension: (845) 575-3000 ext. 2214
Degrees Held: Ph.D. Fordham U.
M.A., M.S. Ed., Fordham U.
B.A. St. John's College

Interests: Normative Political Theory, Public Policy, Ethnic and Religious Studies

Publications: "Ethics, the Academy and Part-Time Civic Leaders " in Teaching Ethics and Values in Public Administration Programs, J.Bowman and D. Menzel (eds.), SUNY Press, 1998. "The Catholic Community in Poughkeepsie 1870-1900: the Period of Testing" in New Perspectives in Poughkeepsie History, C. Griffen (ed.) Dutchess County Historical Society. 1998.