Requirements for a minor in Global Studies

Students will be held to the requirements of the catalog of the year in which they declare their major. Following are the requirements for the most recent catalog.


GBST 103L - Introduction to Global Issues 3 credits
Five qualifying electives chosen from at least three different disciplines (e.g. Business, Foreign Language, Political Science) 15 credits
Total Credits 18 credits

Other Requirements

Foreign Language requirement. Students must demonstrate the equivalent of one year of successful college-level study in a foreign language. They can do this by either (i) taking two college-level foreign language courses at the elementary level, or one course at the intermediate level or above, which would count as electives for the minor, or (ii) getting approval by the Department of Modern Languages to waive the requirement by demonstrating the equivalent of one-year college-level study in a foreign language. Note: In Arabic, Chinese and Japanese, one semester at the Elementary level II will fulfill the requirement.

An approved international experience. In this component of the minor, students must take part in an experiential project which is international in scope and will normally include foreign travel. The Marist Abroad (MIP) experience is strongly recommended, but not required. Other options for the international experience requirement must be approved by the Program Coordinator. These may include independent work abroad with a humanitarian organization; study abroad during a leave of absence; or fluency in a culture other than North-American from extended living abroad. Participation in the experience must be certified by appropriate documentation.

Electives Acceptable for the Global Studies Minor

Electives are drawn from a list of regular catalog courses across the disciplines.

Note: A number of courses that are not offered on a regular schedule may also be acceptable as Global Studies Electives. These include Special Topic courses in any discipline, whether taken on campus or abroad, or credits gained through the Foreign Language Equivalency examination. All such courses must be approved in advance by the Global Studies Coordinator.

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