History Department Faculty


Dr. Artin Arslanian
British and modern Middle Eastern history;
U.S. missionaries in the Middle East

Dr. Kristin Bayer
Asia (e.g. China and Western explorers and
missionaries); gender studies; military history;
global opium trade

Dr. Enver Casimir
Director, Program in African Diaspora Studies
Latin American, Caribbean and African Diaspora
history; late 19th and early 20th century history of
the Caribbean Basin; cultural history of race;
U.S.-Latin American relations

Dr. Sara Dwyer-McNulty
History Department Chair
20th-century U.S. social and cultural history; gender
studies; American religious history; and Irish history

Dr. Steven Garabedian
U.S. cultural, social, intellectual, and public history;
music and leftwing radicalism; historical documentary
film; African American vernacular expression and
white interpretive traditions

        Dr. James Johnson

        Director, Hudson River Valley Institute
        Military history; Hudson River Valley history

        Dr. Janine Larmon Peterson
        Medieval cultural, social, and religious history;
        gender and sexuality

        Dr. Nicholas Marshall
        Social history of the United States

        Dr. Michael O'Sullivan
        Modern Europe, Modern Germany, Modern Catholicism,
        French Revolution, Holocaust and genocide studies

        Dr. Robyn Rosen
        20th-century U.S. social movements, political and
        women's history, history of reproductive rights,
        women's studies

        Dr. Thomas Wermuth
        Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of Faculty
        Early American history, Hudson River Valley history &

        Dr. David Woolner
        20th-century Anglo-American relations; 20th-century
        American diplomatic history; presidency of Franklin
        Roosevelt; Canadian-American relations