History Internships






History students often work with materials held by Marist's Archives and Special Collections, including this photo of the 1917 Poughkeepsie Regatta.

Every History major takes either the FDR Research Seminar or a three-credit History internship as part of their advanced-level requirements. Our majors enjoy the opportunity to intern for a semester at one of the many renowned historic sites, museums, archives, or institutions in the immediate Hudson Valley. Sites where our students regularly work as interns include the following:

In pursuing an internship, students are enrolling in an upper-division History course (HIST 395, HIST 397, or HIST 497, for example). For these semester courses, they earn one or three elective History credits. History internships are coordinated for the department by Professor Steven Garabedian, and all students with an interest should visit, phone, or email Professor Garabedian for additional details.

History internships offer Marist students an immeasurable
learning experience in the rich rewards and challenges of
the field as it extends beyond books and classrooms. History internships can:

  • Introduce students to professional opportunities
    in the public sector (museums, archives, and education);
  • Inspire a life-long passion in exploring the past where one lives and works; and
  • Serve as a "resume builder" on the way to government service or law school.

Whatever the motivation, Marist College is ideally suited in the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area to meet multiple needs and varied interests.

Contact Professor Steven Garabedian Fontaine 322; phone ext. 2222 Steven.Garabedian@marist.edu.

 storm king
  Marist's Archives include extensive holdings related to the
environmental movement (above) and to the life
  and work of world-famous adventurer Lowell Thomas
  (below, photographing the Dalai Lama in 1949).