What Can I Do With A History Degree?

The History Major offers course of study in American, European (ancient, Medieval, and Modern), Asian, and African history, with specialties in Gender, Ethnic, and Public History. The program offers students the opportunity to pursue several tracks of study, as well as the possibility for students to combine their interests and develop a personalized field of study to suit their needs and goals. Although many students pursue the secondary education concentration, others enroll in pre-law, public history, archival and museum concentrations, or general historical studies to prepare for careers in teaching, law, business, computers, or research.

Students are actively encouraged to participate in research projects outside the classroom, and are provided the opportunity to do so. Presentlly, many Marist history majors are working on the FDR Digital Library Project, an ambitious, multi-year project sponsored jointly by Marist, IBM, and the FDR Presidential Library. This project, employing state-of-the-art digital technology, will make available online several million pages of some of the most important historical documents produced in the 20th century. Students are using their research skills analyzing and editing historical documents, in conjunction with their computer-based technological skills, to construct a breakthrough historical digital library.


The career path of recent Marist history graduates reveal the diversity of their interests and training.

Lawyers, teachers, computer programmers, public relations consultants, entrepreneurs, and archivists, are all Marist history graduates.

Many Marist students continue onto Graduate School to pursue more specialized study in history, education, law, as well as other fields.