Intern Profile: Joseph Theall '15

jt  Joe Theall's collegiate experience has involved leadership roles in
  a wide variety of communities. A Political Science major with a
  concentration in Public Affairs, he serves as the Speaker of the Senate
  for Marist's Student Government Association. At the same time, his role
  as the Coordinator of Community Partners for the newly launched Center 
  for Civic Engagement and Leadership places him in contact with 
  organizations throughout the Hudson River Valley. And this semester, 
  as a participant in the prestigious Hansard Scholars Programme, Joe 
  is gaining first-hand experience in British politics, as he describes below:

  "Currently I'm working in Parliament in the House of Lords. I went in 
  thinking it would be the same as working for a senator, but it's 
  proven to be a very distinctive experience. The policy focus in the
  Lords is much more specialized than in the U.S. or even the House of  
  Commons. The peer I'm working with is involved with autism issues,
  and also engaged with defense. In the office I'm a one-man staff so
  my responsibilities have run the gamut from drafting debate speeches,   submitting written questions to the government, and being the youngest
  person at Labour Peers Curry Night. Living in London has been absolutely
  fantastic, a historic place mixed with all of the amenities of a big city.
  Although at times I miss living along the Hudson, the Thames is suiting me
  just fine in the meantime."