Modern Languages and Cultures

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Photos courtesy of Kevin Gaugler, Daniela Melis, Francesca Paduano, and Shawn Shieh.

Recent graduates from our department have used their language skills to obtain positions such as: teaching in the US and abroad; working in social networks in Europe; working for global companies in the fashion and media industries; conducting international and domestic business; and pursuing graduate studies in law, linguistics, literature, speech therapy, medical school, chemistry, and education, among others. A modern language education can only enhance your career choices!                                                                                               

Our majors and minors, like our Pathways in the Marist Core, are designed to be flexible and to easily combine with other interests.  Our programs will help you develop linguistic and cultural proficiency in three major world languages as well as courses in other key languages such as Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese and Latin. In addition to linguistic proficiency our courses help students develop skills in oral and written communication, information literacy, creative problem solving, and collaborative work sought-after by employers. 

Experiential Learning is a major component of our programs. Students are urged to benefit from the many study abroad programs the college offers through the office of Marist International Programs (MIP). We also offer internship opportunities around campus or abroad.

 On campus we offer small classes, interdisciplinary courses and dedicated faculty that work closely with students to develop a personalized learning path. In addition, our Weiss Language Center offers all the technological, learning, and social support you may need to meet your objectives.  We are a dynamic and diverse campus community committed to active global citizenship.  With a modern language education you’ll soon be creating your own path!






Featured Student Profile

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Mel White
Mel is a Double-major in Biomedical Sciences and Spanish, and a  Varsity softball player.

Being a double major with Spanish has made my time at Marist a unique experience, because I am able to focus on such different subjects... I want to be a pediatrician, and being able to speak Spanish will only increase the basis of patients that I am able to serve. I hope to participate in a program like “Doctors without Borders” one day, and I know being able to speak Spanish will help me tremendously.