Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)/

Bilingual Education Concentration

Students work in conjunction with our concentration coordinator Prof. Irma Blanco-Casey. Contact her for more information.

These are the requirements of the concentration.

6-9 cr

SPAN 270 Cultures of Hispanics in the US- 3 cr

SPAN 140 (formerly EDUC 140) Introduction to Bilingual Studies/Teaching English as a Second Language - 3 cr

SPAN 493/494/495 Advanced Internship in Spanish - 3 cr  optional

For more information contact our coordinator 


TESL/Bilingual Education Catalogue Course RequirementsPDF

Students will be held to the requirements of the catalog of the year in which they declare their major. Following are the requirements for the most recent catalog.  Students who have declared their major in a prior year should consult the appropriate catalog.