For over fifty years the Marist World Film Program has served the Marist community by supporting courses and sponsoring cultural diversity through the experience of film, thus contributing to the Marist professional learning community and mission. The program is a curricular initiative that is meant to complement in-course learning. 

Screenings take place on select weekday evenings in the Weiss Language Center, library 304.

Requesting a Film

Professors are encouraged to request screenings for related course activities. Students will be asked to sign in and specify the course in which they are registered. Screenings are not intended for public use or entertainment purposes. Please address suggestions to Dr. Ivette Romero, Director of the World Film Program.

The Marist College World Film Program is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Office of the Academic Vice President.

History of the Program

The experience of difference and diversity has always been central to the Program's mission. Founded by Mr. Mario Ruggeri in 1960 as the Marist Foreign Film Program, the curricular initiative was co-directed by Brother Joseph Belanger from 1962 until 1998. The program was active until 1977 and, after a brief hiatus, was reinitiated by Brother Joe as a mini-program using video cassettes rather than reels. At that time, Professor Richard Platt and Brother Joe managed to get large-screen projection for the program. Brother Joe was soon running a full-fledged program, showing 20 films per semester and purchasing films until 1998. Thanks to Brother Joe, and the continuous efforts of all past and current directors who add between 25 and 35 new titles each year, the Marist foreign film library collection is impressive. Since 1998, the program has been directed by Ivette Romero (Modern Languages and Cultures), Kevin Gaugler (Modern Languages and Cultures), Mark Worrell (former professor in Philosophy and Religious studies), and more recently by Patricia Ferrer (Modern Languages and Cultures).