German Studies

For students interested in developing a well-rounded understanding of German, the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures offers foundation courses in the German Language at the elementary and intermediate level.These courses can then complement other region-specific courses in the disciplines of History and Political Science as well as courses with a global emphasis from a variety of disciplines such as Communications, Business, Economics, Environmental Science, Film and Art History.

Students who wish to further their proficiency in German may conduct a semester of study abroad in Germany through special arrangements with Marist Abroad. In addition, the College occasionally offers short-term programs in Berlin with a focus on Business, Communication, Fashion Merchandising, or other disciplines through the Marist Study Abroad Program. Upon their return, some students request special permission to maintain their German language proficiency through independent study or a teaching internship. Such independent work must be approved by the Dean of the School of Liberal Arts.

Course German in Chinese on Campus:

  • Elementary German I (3 credits)
  • Elementary German II (3 credits)
  • Intermediate German I (3 credits)
  • Intermediate German II (3 credits)
  • Advanced language and culture courses taken abroad will receive a special topic course title on the student's transcript

Sample Course Offerings on Campus from Other Disciplines:

  • ART 366 History of 20th-Century Art
  • COM 489 Seminar in Cinema Studies
  • HIST 248 Medieval Europe
  • HIST 263 Eastern Europe and Russia from 1928 to the Present
  • HIST 349 Modern Germany: Between Dictatorship and Democracy
  • PHIL 324 Contemporary Analytic Philosophy
  • POSC 251 Comparative Politics of Western Europe