Student Internships

 Our department offers students internships for credit or pay in each of the three major areas of study, Spanish, French and Italian.  Contact the program's coordinator to learn more.


An internship is a guided experiential learning opportunity tailored to student interest and desired skill set.  Dr. Patricia Ferrer-Medina, our Spanish Internship Coordinator, works closely with students to find an internship that will enhance the student's training.  Students in these positions translate, interpret, or conduct research and interviews among other tasks.  Many students deal directly with the Spanish-speaking community in the Hudson Valley and New York City; others work in international settings with the Spanish native speaker population.  All internships allow students to use their linguistic skills and cultural competence in practical situations and thus afford insight into more than one field of study.  Contact  Dr. Patricia Ferrer-Medina for more information.

In the recent past we have placed students in a wide variety of locations around the Hudson Valley, Albany, New York City and Madrid, Spain.  Here are examples of our recent placements in New York State.

In Madrid, Spain we have placed students in the following organizations.