Other Languages

Marist College offers every semester a selection of foundation courses in: 

arabic small                                         sh

                    Arabic                                                                  Chinese

g                                    j

                 German                                                             Japanese

The Language Center can also provide on a case by case basis self-instructional material for languages not regularly taught at Marist College but of special relevance to a student’s academic or professional goals. Such material is usually made available to students preparing for, or returning from a stay abroad in locations where the main language of instruction is English but a local language is useful, such as programs in Russia, Denmark , India or the Czech republic; or graduating students preparing for a Peace Corps assignment or a Fulbright fellowship; or students seeking a pre-professional other professional immersion.

No tutoring support or academic credit is attached to the loan of self-instructional material.

For additional information on the Weiss Language Center's language support resources, please inquire with the Director of the Language Center, Dr. Kevin Gaugler.