Upcoming Events

Please invite your students or give credit to attend the Weiss Language Center (LB304) this week to practice your language and have fun in the process. We are open every week from 5pm-9pm Monday through Thursday. Students can find conversation partners in Spanish, French, Italian and German or resources on how to practice a variety of languages independently.

On Monday November 14, at 6:30pm in LB304 come to our Talk to our World series. This week we will speak with Francesco Galletti. Francesco is a Marist student who used to live in Italy. He is majoring in computer science and has constructed his own business called BlueSheep which is dedicated to the creation of video games. He has a small team as of right now, but he is hoping to expand it and is looking for grants. He will be talking about this business and how his Italian heritage has influenced his collegiate career.

Also... From 11-1pm in the Student Center there will be a study abroad information table.

From 5-7pm in the Student Center rooms 3102 & 3103, come to “Conversations from Around the World” to celebrate the value of international and intercultural experiences and meet your fellow global citizens.

On Tuesday November 15, at 5pm in LB304 come to our Language Lounge for one-on-one help from our language coaches. We offer services in Spanish, Italian, French, and German.
Also... From 5-7pm in Dyson, there will be a study abroad information table.
From 7-8pm the Weiss Language Center will also be hosting a special Italian Game Night along with Professor Maureen M. Melita!
On Wednesday November 16, at 6:30pm in LB304 come to our World Watch series talk about what videos and events are trending from around the world. This week we will discuss the Kayapo and Yanomami in Brazil.
Also... From 11-1pm in the Breezeway, there will be a study abroad information table.
From 12-1:30pm in the Student Center room 3101, come to “More than Awesome,” a resume/ interview workshop for study abroad students by the Career Services.
On Thursday November 17, at 6:30pm in LB304 we will hold Game that Language night. This week we will play Plague Inc, a fun game where you develop a virus and try to spread it across the world. The game is quick and available in many languages on the Center’s iPads. Let’s see who can infect the world first!
Also... From 5-7pm in the Student Center, there will be a study abroad information table.
From 8:30-10:30pm come to our Share Your Story in the Student Center room 3105. This Weiss Language Center event, co-sponsored by Marist Abroad, provides students an opportunity to interact with fellow students who have studied abroad or are interested in studying abroad. No prior preparation is needed and food will be provided!

If you want to credit for attending, below you will find a link to a passport document that students can print, cut out and staple together. We will stamp their passport for each night he or she attends. This way instructors can incorporate language center activities into their classes.

For any questions, please contact our student manager, Karina Barragan <karina.barragan1@marist.edu>

You can always keep up with our events on our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and website!