MARS Faculty Publications and Presentations

Recent publications by MARS faculty:  

Fitzgibbons, Moira. "Women, Tales, and 'Talking Back' in 'Pore Caitif' and 'Dives and Pauper.'" Middle English Religious Writing in Practice: Texts, Readers, and Transformations. Ed. Nicole Rice. Brepols. Forthcoming 2012.

Fitzgibbons, Moira. "Enabled and Disabled 'Myndes' in 'The Prick of Conscience.'" Medieval Poetics and Social Practice: Responding to the Work of Penn R. Szittya. Ed. Seeta Chaganti. Fordham University Press, 2012. 72-94.

Knight, John. Liberalism vs. Postliberalism: The Great Divide in Twentieth Century Theology. Oxford University Press. Forthcoming 2013.

Machacek, Gregory. Milton and Homer: "Written to Aftertimes." Duquesne University Press, 2011. 

Peterson, Janine. "Episcopal Authority and Disputed Sanctity in Late Medieval Italy.” SaintlyBishops and Bishops’ Saints: Proceedings of the 4th Hagiography Conference. Ed. John Ott. Forthcoming 2012. 

Peterson, Janine. “Hit and Run Heresy: Thoughts on Tackling Medieval Heterodoxy in Survey Courses.” Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching 19. Forthcoming 2012.

Snyder, James G. "Pregnant Matter: Marsilio Ficino on Natural Change 'From Within' Matter." Rinascimento. Forthcoming 2012. 

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