Historian Awarded Spring 2014 Research Fellowship


 Associate Professor of History Janine Peterson has been
 appointed a Medieval Fellow at the Center for Medieval Studies
 at Fordham University during her Spring 2014 sabbatical. Dr.
 Peterson will take this opportunity to work on her book, Contested
 Sanctity and Communal Identity in North-Central Italy, 1250-1400
 The work investigates the interplay between religion and politics
 in late medieval Italy through an examination of approximately 25
 cases of disputed sanctity in north-central Italy, which includes the
 Papal States, Tuscany, Romagna, and Piedmont. Using secular
 and clerical chronicles, local histories, saints’ lives,  inquisitorial manuals,
 papal bulls and letters, canon law, and civic statutes, Dr. Peterson examines 
 howdisputed saints were constructed and addresses why this phenomenon
 occurred in this specific place and time.


Dr. Peterson’s teaching explores questions of religion, politics, and culture
not only through survey courses such as Medieval Europe and Early Modern
Europe, but also through specialized courses including History of Witchcraft
and Sorcery; Medieval Cultures in Contact; and Medieval Misfits. She
co-founded the Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor and serves as a
co-advisor to the College’s branch of Phi Alpha Theta, the national history
honor society.

In addition to this fellowship, Dr. Peterson has been awarded a National
Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend; a Bernadotte E. Schmitt
Grant from the American Historical Association; the John Tracy Ellis
Dissertation Award from the American Catholic Historical Association;
and a Biblioteca Ambrosiana Microfilms Travel Grant from Notre Dame University.