Alfred Mele and Owen Flanagan Reading Group

This spring the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies will host a reading group that will examine some of the work of Alfred Mele (Florida State) and Owen Flanagan (Duke). Mele is giving the keynote address at the Mid-Hudson Valley Undergraduate Philosophy Conference on March 8th, and Owen Flanagan will be giving a talk at Marist on April 26th. The reading group will meet up in Fontaine 302.

Here is a schedule of meetings and readings: 

Jan 30 at 12:30: A. Mele "Autonomy and Akrasia"

Feb 20 at 12:30: A. Mele "Another Scientific Threat to Free Will?"

March 6 at 12:00: A. Mele and D. Robb "Rescuing Frankfurt Style Cases" 

April 24 at 12:00: O. Flanagan, Chapter Four from The Really Hard Problem: Meaning in a Material World

Any students or faculty interested in participating should contact Dr. Andrei Buckareff at