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The Marist Undergraduate Philosophy Journal publishes original undergraduate research in all areas of philosophy. The journal is published annually online by the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Marist College. Submissions are reviewed by an editorial board of students and faculty advisers.

Volume 1 (2014)
First published online 8 Jan. 2014

“On Parfit’s Repugnant Conclusion” (pages 1-8)
Joy Li (Rutgers University)
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 “The Challenge of Multiculturalism: Beyond Liberalism and Communitarianism” (pages 9-17)
Nazmul Sultan (Hunter College, CUNY)
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 “The Revival of Reliabilism: A Mathematical Approach to the Generality Problem” (pages 18-33)
Justin Svegliato (Marist College)
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 “Recollection and Second-Order Skepticism” (pages 34-43)
Brett Mullins (Georgia State University)
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 “Anchors on Neurath’s Boat: Non-Foundationalist Epistemic Entitlements” (pages 44-56)
Jonathan Lopez (University of British Columbia)
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