Past Events

Speakers Series

April 10: Lewis Powell (Buffalo) on Locke's Philosophy of Language

Spring 2015 Department Speaker Series

Philosophy and Computer Science Major Named 2014 Marist Intern of the Year

February 26th: Eric Mandelbaum (Baruch) "Ask Yourself Again: Fragmented Central Cognition and the Web of Belief"

Fall 2014 Department Speaker Series 

Nov. 14: Joshua Knobe (Yale) on "Understanding the True Self"

Jennifer Morton (CCNY) Friday October 3rd at 5 p.m. 

April 24th Saam Trivedi (Brooklyn): "Music and the Emotions"

April 4: Catherine Wilson (York/CUNY Graduate Center) gives keynote address at Marist Conference 

March 6th: Dan Speak (Loyola Marymount) "The (So-Called) Problem of God's Hiddenness" 

Feb. 7: Graham Parsons (West Point) to Discuss Just War Theory

Nov. 21: Jada Strabbing (Fordham) "Moral Responsibility and the Psychopath" 

Oct. 23rd: Andrei Buckareff and Lara Kasper-Buckareff discuss legal agreements and the capacities of agents

Oct. 11th: Brad Weslake (University of Rochester) "Explanation and the Explanatory Gap"

Sept. 26rd: Sheila Lintott (Bucknell) to Discuss Friendship and Bias

Spring 2013

Fall 2012 

Mid-Hudson Valley Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

2013 Conference Program

2012 Conference Program 

2011 Conference Program


Elaine Pagels Lecture


Henry Curtis '12 Publishes Article in Bioethics Journal

Chelsea Richardson '13 Publishes Capping Project in Undergraduate Philosophy Journal 

Marist Student Presets at RIT Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

Reading Groups

Alfred Mele and Owen Flanagan (Spring 2013)