Undergraduate Research in Philosophy

Chelsea Richardson '13 recently published her capping project, "A Critique of Modern Agriculture and its Effects on Personhood," in Res Cogitans: An Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Journal. This spring she also presented this paper at the 17th Pacific University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference in Oregon. 

Here is the abstract of her article:

This paper outlines ways in which the alienated labor conditions of capitalism and certain technological applications in industrial agriculture contribute to the diminishing of one’s personhood through the production and consumption of industrial food. Personhood is defined as a person’s capacity to produce and consume food. The works of Karl Marx and Albert Borgmann are instrumental to the conclusions of this essay. Ultimately, the combination of Marx’s and Borgmann’s theories allow me to argue that a diminished form of personhood is the consequence of a food practice which encompasses the production and consumption of food using industrial agriculture.

In the fall Chelsea Richardson will begin working towards a Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Nebraska.