Global Experiences

 great wall The Department of Political Science plays a vital role in encouraging
  students across campus to
redefine citizenship in a global context.
  Within this department and throughout the College, international
  study has become a crucial component of students' undergraduate
  experiences. Semesters abroad provide students with a first-hand
  sense of issues surrounding global politics and policy. Many Political
  Science majors, for example, have participated in the renowned
  Hansard Scholars Programme, in which students live in London
  and intern in Parliament for a semester. Studying and working
  abroad has provided many School of Liberal Arts students with the
  knowledge and experience needed to win Fulbright Fellowships and
  other prestigious grants.

  Closer to home, many students develop their skills by serving as
  presenters and organizers the annual Student World Affairs Conference 
  held in the Hudson River Valley. Political Science majors
have been
  involved with the
World Affairs Council of the Mid-Hudson Valley (WAC)
  and the local chapter of the United States Association of the United Nations (UNA-USA). On campus, t
he Department of Political Science also regularly sponsors talks on global topics, ranging from global migration to the Ebola crisis to the political behavior of dictators and democrats. In addition to courses within the major, faculty in the department have also developed several First Year Seminars that touch on issues related to political science, including Is Voting Enough? Worldwide Elections and Democracy; The Global Drug Trade; Eco-Warriors, Tree-Huggers, and Sellouts; Genocide and Human Rights; and Muslims & Arabs in America & Europe.

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