Showtime's Mark Halperin Makes a Visit to the Marist Poll

political scienceIn Spring 2017, Mark Halperin of Bloomburg Politics and Showtime's The Circus visited the College in order to get a first-hand sense of best practices in political surveying. Noting the importance of "quality polling" in today's heated political climate, Mr. Halperin recounts that "We headed about 80 miles north of New York City to the Marist Institute for Public Opinion to see how a good poll is done." Click here or on the video at left to view Mr. Halperin's experiences during his visit to campus.

As the piece demonstrates, impartial information gathering is no easy process, particularly for a rookie like Mr. Halperin--but the high standards established by MIPO Director Dr. Lee Miringoff and Marist Poll Director Barbara Carvalho have consistently led respected media outlets to establish partnerships with MIPO, such as the Poll's recent collaboration with National Public Radio and the PBS NewsHour.