Pre-Law @ Marist …provides a culture of student centered engagement and support.


  • A pre law student may request the designation of the pre advisor as a secondary advisor by declaring an interest in pre law with the Registrar’s Office. The pre law advisor serves in addition to the student’s academic advisor and provides specialized advice with respect to preparation for law school at each stage of the undergraduate experience.
  • Extensive, individualized pre law advisement is available to all Marist students regardless of field of study or major throughout the undergraduate experience. Pre-law advisor assists students with a wide range of pre-professional challenges including: course selection, LSAT preparation, law school applications, law school selection, personal statements, and the admission process.
  • Innovative workshops that provide information relevant to pre law students in an interactive small group setting.
  • Lectures, speakers movie screenings, etc. that address events of current or historical significance to students interested in law
  • Marist College offers a diverse curriculum rich in both the liberal arts as well as specialized law related content. Marist College offers students a wide range of coursework and majors that serve a solid foundation for law school.
  • Mid-Hudson Valley is home to numerous exciting venues for internships: N.Y.S. Attorney General Regional Office, N.Y.S. Department of Environmental Conservation Regional Office, United States Federal Bankruptcy Court, in addition to the Dutchess County Supreme, County, Surrogate, and Family Courts, District Attorney’s Office, and Public Defender’s Office
  • Marist College Pre-Law Advisory Board is an outstanding resource for pre law students seeking advice with respect to law school placement, internships, and information with respect to the legal field.
  • The pre-law advisor, a full time faculty member, is admitted to practice law in the State of New York and is a NAPLA member.
  • Pre Law Society – a student organization sponsoring extracurricular opportunities


About Pre Law @ Marist

 Marist College takes pride in its tradition of providing students with solid preparation for the study and practice of law. Grounded in a liberal undergraduate education modeled on the recommendations of the American Bar Association, this preparation has gained our students admission to a wide spectrum of law schools. These include the most prestigious in the country, among them Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, New York University and Notre Dame University of Virginia, and Yale. From there our alumni have entered virtually every field of activity including government service, private practice, corporate law and the judiciary.

Pre-law at Marist College provides a culture of support for students interested in exploring law school. The goal of the program is engaging students to create an academic, leadership, and character profile that would enhance the opportunity for admissions to the student’s desired law school. Students can elect to enter the program throughout their undergraduate experience. Having a consistent, central voice for pre- professional advice enables students use their undergraduate experience as an opportunity to launch their professional goals.  


Pre Law Advisor:                             

Prof. Annamaria Maciocia Esq.
Senior Professional Lecturer
Director, Paralegal Program

Contact Information
Office Location: Fontaine 318
Office Phone: (845) 575-3000 X 2515

Office Hours:
Monday 11:15am -12:15 pm
& 2-5 pm,
Tuesday 3-6 pm, and
Thursday 11:15 am -12:15 pm& 2-6 pm

Pre law advisor is also available by appointment.



Pre Law Workshop Series

Making Your Case: Building a Pre- Law Resume

Freshmen and sophomores interested in exploring a legal career are encouraged to attend this workshop providing guidance in identifying the criteria used by law schools to admit students. Students will be guided toward opportunities to enhance the LSAT, GPA, and personal development components of their law school resume.

Venue Selection:Selecting the Right Law School

Juniors and seniors interested in attending law school will gain valuable knowledge of the tools used to assess law schools and cultivate a list of criteria to use in selecting the right law school to attend. This is an individual decision that requires careful contemplation.

Pleading Your Case: Preparation for LSAT & Personal Statements

Juniors and seniorsapplying to law school are encouraged to attend a workshop that provides information on resources available for LSAT Preparation. This session also provides guidance in the drafting of personal statements.

 Getting Your Verdict: Law School Applications

Juniors and seniors applying to law school learn how to construct a timeline to plot the LSAT Score –Application Deadline Cycle



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