SLA Spotlights: Rebecca Moy '03


A semester abroad in Madrid proved a life-changing experience for Rebecca Moy '03, who now puts her undergraduate
double major in Spanish and Communication to good use in her work as a translator and copywriter in Spain for the social
network Tuenti.

Q: Were you always interested in studying other languages? 

A: I remember wanting to study French as a young child. In junior high, they gave us three months of Spanish and three months of French. When it came time to choose which language to pursue, I remember being conflicted because my experience with Spanish had been more practical and fun. Ultimately I chose Spanish, and a decision I made at twelve years old ended up shaping the rest of my life! 

Q: What drew you to come to college at Marist? 

A: I chose Marist for several reasons. Having little professional direction at the age of 17, I felt that Marist would be a good place for me to decide based on the variety of paths I could choose from there and had an early interest in the Communication program. Aside from being a beautiful campus, I felt comfortable there due to the size and location of Marist – back then it felt far enough away from home (southwestern Connecticut), yet not too far.

Q: Did you study abroad as an undergraduate? 

A: I studied in Madrid, Spain during the spring semester of my junior year. I also took a two-week course in Havana, Cuba during winter intersession of my senior year. Both experiences were transformational on many levels. Both my experience in Madrid and Havana inspired me to to make Spanish a larger part of my life and future career and led to my pursuing a double major in Spanish as well as Communication.

Q: In what ways does your career now draw upon your studies as an undergraduate? 

A: I currently work in a variety of areas. I have worked as an ESL teacher for several years, and am employed full-time at a social network in Madrid, Spain that was founded by a fellow US American in 2006. At the social network, Tuenti, I am primarily a translator and copywriter and have also been involved with user support. My double major in Communications (Journalism) and Spanish have clearly led me along my professional career as I am constantly involved with Internet publishing and languages.

Q: What is your favorite place in Spain? Do you see yourself living there for a long time? 

A: Madrid is my favorite place in Spain because it is what I consider to be one of my homes in addition to Connecticut and San Diego.  I’ve never lived anywhere else in Spain, and haven’t really considered living anywhere else. That being said, it would close to impossible to choose a place to come in second. Spain is an incredibly beautiful and diverse country which I've traveled thoroughly. I always tend to long for Andalucía in the spring though. It’s very hard to say how long I’ll be here. I moved to Spain in 2008 expecting to spend just a year fixing up my Spanish, but I just celebrated my 6th “Spaniversary”. You never know where life will take you or, in this case, keep you!

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