Take Part in National Conversations About Politics & Policy


  As the home of the renowned Marist Institute for Public Opinion directed by Dr. Lee Miringoff (pictured above,
  far right), the College offers students unparalleled opportunities to develop their skills as political communicators,
  policy wonks, and data analysts. Recently students had the chance to hear panelists Steve Thomma
  (McClatchy Newspapers), Chuck Todd (NBC News), Susan Page (USA Today), and Amy Walter (The Cook
  Political Report
) share their insights in an April 23 panel discussion entitled "The Message & Messenger: The 2016
  Race for the White House." Held in Washington, DC, the event also featured a reception in which panelists,
  Marist alumni, and current Political Science students gathered to discuss their common interests.

  Many students gain hands-on experience in the field by working at the Marist Poll under the guidance of Director
  Dr. Barbara Carvalho, herself a Marist graduate. The close ties among former pollsters extend beyond graduation,
  as witnessed by the memories recounted in a recent issue of Marist magazine.

 The College's location midway between New York City
  and Albany provides students with distinctive venues for 
  engaging with questions of politics and policy. The Albany
  Internship Program connects students with advocacy
  groups such as the Hunger Action Network, to economic
  organizations such as the Business Council of New York
  State, and to cultural and educational institutions such as
  the Irish-American Heritage Museum and the Historic Albany
  Foundation. Students seeking internships in New York City
  may work and study there for a full semester via the
  Marist in Manhattan Program. In both cities as well as closer
  to home in the Mid-Hudson Valley, opportunities also abound
  for students to intern with environmental organizations such
  as Scenic Hudson, Clearwater, and the Nature Conservancy.

  On-campus lectures by national political figures such as Governor Andrew Cuomo and by experts in a variety
  of fields also enrich students' political acumen; in a recent event, Major James Golby, Ph.D. (U.S. Military
  Academy; pictured below, left) delivered a talk on the role historically played by military officers in shaping
  political opinion. Students also engage with international politics through both their coursework in the Political
  Science Department and Global Studies Program and through active involvement in the Political Science Club,
  Student World Affairs Conference and Model U.N. (see below, right, for students on a recent visit to the United
  Nations headquarters in New York City). These experiences set the stage for Marist students to shape careers
  in the political realm, as seen in the alumni profiles of Igor Volsky '08, Katie Hamer '04, Pamela Chomba '12,
  and Kelsea Burch '11.