Research & Creative Work

The School of Liberal Arts is a thriving community of innovative artists and researchers. The items below provide
just a small sample of the active work produced by students and presented both on campus and beyond.

 Students begin "pulling their weight"    
 as researchers from the very start.
 Above, First Year Seminar students      
 learn about environmental activism
 aboard the Hudson River Sloop
 Clearwater.    Read more>

 The inaugural issue of the 
 Marist Undergraduate
 Philosophy Journal featured        
 work by students from 
 across the nation as well as
 from Marist.    Read more>

 Participants in the First Annual
 Student World Affairs Conference
 (such as Josh Heath '14, above)
 shared their research with faculty
 and students from a variety of
 colleges in the region.  Read more>

 Students presenting at the 2014
 Phi Alpha Theta (History Honor
 Society) regional conference 
 consult with faculty mentor Dr.
 Kristin Bayer. In Spring 2015, 
 Marist will host this event. Read more>

 Cross-disciplinary studies, 
 like those of Kendra
 McKechnie '14, can help
 students pursue Fulbright
 Scholarships and other
 prestigious awards.Read more> 

 The Marist Theatre Program &
 Marist College Club of Theatre
 Arts put on a full roster of shows        
 each semester, including dinner
 theatre, mainstage musicals, and         
 children's theatre.   Read more>

  Faculty member Dr. Cathleen
  Muller convenes with student
  presenters at the Mid-Hudson
  Valley Philosophy Conference,
  which will celebrate its fifth year
  at Marist this Fall.  Read more>

  Students gather informally
  with faculty to practice 
  presenting their creative work 
  and research at the national
  conference of the English
  Honor Society.   Read more>
 Visiting archives such as that of the
 Hispanic Society of America in
 New York City provides students with
 a deeper understanding of the
 contributions they might make to
 scholarly conversations. Read more>