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Medieval and Renaissance Studies Minor

Dr. James G. Snyder, Coordinator


Medieval and Renaissance Studies is a thriving field of scholarly inquiry encompassing art history, foreign languages, literature, history, philosophy, religious studies, and other subjects. Learning about the past can help us understand present-day culture. Reading about the transition from manuscripts to printed books, for example, can help us think through the print-to-digital transformation taking place during our own lifetimes.

Students pursuing this minor will take a minimum of five courses distributed throughout at least three of the following fields: English, Fine Arts (Art History and Music), History, Modern Languages and Cultures, and Philosophy & Religious Studies.  The minor also requires students to take one intermediate language class in Italian, Spanish, or French, or an introductory course in Latin or Arabic.  All courses in the minor must be completed with a C or better.  Study abroad is strongly encouraged.

Current courses that satisfy minor requirements include the following:


Art History


ART 245 Medieval Art

ART 380 Renaissance Art




ENG 212 English Lit I

ENG 221 Themes in Shakespeare

ENG 270 Classics of Western Lit

ENG 301 History of the English Language

ENG 320 English Drama I

ENG 324 Chaucer

ENG 325 Shakespeare

ENG 329 17th Century Lit

ENG 330 Medieval Lit

ENG 331 Renaissance Lit

ENG 361 Ancient Roman and Early Christian Lit




HIST 248 Medieval Europe

HIST 249 Early Modern Europe

HIST 341 Diplomatic History of Early Modern Europe

HIST 342 Constitutional History to Henry VII


Modern Languages


ITAL 250 Civilization of Italy

SPAN 150 Civilization of Spain

SPAN 420 Medieval Spanish Lit

SPAN 424 Cervantes

SPAN 425 Literature of the Golden Age





MUS 340 Baroque Masters

MUS 344 Medieval and Renaissance Music


Philosophy & Religious Studies


PHIL 321 Medieval Philosophy

PHIL 322 17th & 18th Century Philosophy

REST 203 Christianity

REST 204 Judaism

REST 243 Catholic Thought and Spirituality



For additional information concerning the minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, please read here and/or contact Dr. James G. Snyder at