Alison Carter '12


  Alison Carter's wide range of interests spurred her to major in
  both Philosophy and English during her time at Marist; she also
  completed a minor in Creative Writing. As indicated below, these
  academic interests have translated into a professional trajectory
  that reflects the "commitment to service" highlighted in the
  College's Mission Statement and across the campus.
  Q. What kind of work do you do now?

  I work with an early literacy nonprofit in Tucson, Arizona, called
  Make Way for Books. We work with children ages birth to five in
underserved areas of southern Arizona, encouraging a love of books and reading and helping them gain the pre-reading skills to
succeed in school. I’m in my second year of an AmeriCorps VISTA term there helping to coordinate several family and
community literacy programs.

Q. Which aspects of your Marist experience have proven most useful in your professional life?

I double majored in English and Philosophy and both of my majors committed immensely to the clarity of my writing, which is
very useful in grant writing and written communications in my current job. Also, the small discussion-based classes in both
of my majors have helped a great deal in preparing me to present ideas well in meetings and when I represent our organization
in the community. Also very important was the semester that I spent studying abroad in South Africa, which gave me the
confidence to make the move across the country for my job.

Q. What advice would you give to students just starting out on their college careers?

Your skills, interests and outlook will evolve over the course of your time at Marist—let them. Be open to that evolution. 
The skills you’ll gain in a Marist liberal arts program are going to help you wherever you go and whatever you do. Also,
the School of Liberal Arts is very much a community. Take full advantage of office hours. Go to events in the Henry Hudson
Room. Immerse yourself in that community.