Daniel Buzi '04

buzi Daniel Buzi completed a double major in Spanish and English, as well as a Philosophy 
 minor, during his time at Marist. He also received a Master's Degree in Teaching from
 Sacred Heart University.

 Q: What kind of work do you do now?

 I am the program and volunteer coordinator for the Office for New Americans program
 at Catholic Charities Community Services in Poughkeepsie, NY. Our organization
 helps with SNAP benefits (formerly food stamps), case management, guild for the blind,
 deaf ministries, and immigration. My role is in the immigration department where I direct
 our volunteers and coordinate events such as ongoing ESOL classes, immigration legal
 assistance, and entrepreneurship seminars. I have also taught a number of ESOL and
 other adult education classes for Dutchess Community College.

Q: Which aspects of your Marist experience have proven most useful to your professional life?
While I had no sense of what type of job I might want after graduation, my majors in English and Spanish have been a boon to my career. I speak Spanish every single day at work as part of my role here and that is an indispensable skill, but it has also been important to have some background in the various cultures of Latin America through my classes. My English classes helped me to hone my writing skills. I always imagined that I would be a great novelist, but there are more practical reasons to know how to write as well.  

Q: What advice would you have for students just starting out on their college careers?
I have no advice for you. Your path is your own. I had no plans and certainly never expected to end up where I am. I have found that many of the people who did make plans ended up on a different course anyway, and those rare few who are doing what they always planned to do have found that it is very different on the ground.