Lucitania Hernandez '14

hernandez Q: What kind of work do you do now?
 I am currently in a program called Masters of Science in Management
 at the University of Notre Dame, which is for non-business majors. This
 summer I took classes such as business analytics, accounting, and
 statistics. As a Spanish and Communications major I was enrolled in many
 qualitative classes, so the quantitative classes I am currently enrolled in
 are very challenging but I receive plenty of support from faculty and peers.
 I hope to combine my undergraduate education with business to work in global

 Q: Which aspects of your Marist experience have proven most useful to
 your professional life?

 During my time at Marist I had four internships with companies such as
 Target and the Discovery Channel. I also studied abroad for a year in Cuba
 and Spain. These experiences showed me how to use the knowledge I
 acquired in my classes and apply it to real world situations. While I interned
 with Target I had to use my communications experience to know how to
 relate to my team and motivate them to reach the company’s goals. My
experience abroad was what spiked my interest in working in a global position where I travel often or interact with people
from all over the world. My Spanish skills also improved tremendously and this motivated me to find a job where I can
strengthen these skills. My experiences at Marist led me to Notre Dame and will greatly influence my career path.

Q: What advice would you have for students just starting out on their college careers?
My biggest advice to students who are about to embark on their college experience is to be open minded. In college people
are given the opportunity to meet people from anywhere, but even though you have your own values and beliefs don’t allow
this to keep you from moving outside your comfort zone and discovering who you are. This experience will change you.