Asher Zink '16

 profile By James Silva '16
  A junior majoring in History and Secondary Education, Asher Zink is
  preparing to become a high school teacher. During Spring 2015, he is
  participating in Culturally Responsive Education, a two-week spring
  attachment program in Hawaii. The experience will give Asher the
  chance to observe the teaching styles of educators in a different
  cultural context. While in this new and exciting environment, he
  hopes to gain valuable teaching experience and to gain ideas he
  will use in his own classroom in the future. Asher explains, “I
  wanted to expand my knowledge of other cultures and improve
  my teaching style in a completely new environment. As a future
  educator, I feel I must learn to adapt to any possible situation in
  the classroom."

 Through this experience, Asher also hopes to put into practice what he has learned through his education and history
 courses at Marist.  He describes how his coursework focuses on “incorporating different teaching strategies into lesson
 plans such as close reading, inquiry-based learning, and things like that to get all the students involved and make sure
 they all learn at a similar rate and participate in class discussion,” and he will have a chance to apply this in Hawaii.
 "There is a lot to be said,” he explains, “about a future educator who can be thrown into a new situation and still succeed.”

 Overall, Asher credits his classmates, professors, and especially Education 101, with giving him the necessary skills
 and confidence to put himself and his teaching strategies to the test in Hawaii. He stresses the importance of future
 educators taking opportunities to hone their skills, and Marist has provided such opportunities to Asher from his first
 foundation course to the Spring 2015 attachment course.