SLA Students Volunteer at UN Awards Ceremony

On September 9, Political Science majors Karyn Pierre-Louis '14, Shannon Lashlee '14, Nick Bayer '15,
and Devin Teson '15 enjoyed the opportunity to serve as student volunteers at the United Nations for the
awarding of the Franklin D. Roosevelt International Disability Rights Award to Spain. The award, granted
by the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute and the Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice,
recognizes the achievements of a UN member country in meeting the needs of people with disabilities and
granting them equal access to social and economic opportunity.

The students' participation was facilitated by Associate Professor of History David Woolner, who serves as
Senior Fellow and Hyde Park Resident Historian at the Roosevelt Institute. Assistant Professor of Political
Science Juris Pupcenoks also helped to coordinate the students' efforts. According to Nick Bayer,
the experience was a memorable one: "Not only was it great to see some inner workings and chambers of
the UN, but having the opportunity to meet some truly inspirational and influential world players was like
nothing I had ever done before." Bayer noted that in addition to meeting David B. and Manuela Roosevelt, Her
Majesty the Queen Sofia of Spain, and Roosevelt Institute President/CEO Felicia Wong, the students made
valuable contacts: "We intend to use this connection to the UN for potential visits, tours, and panels with our
[new] contacts in the Spanish Mission." Getting a glimpse of the everyday business of the UN was inspiring,
according to Devin Teson: "Just standing in the UN watching everyone come into work and speak to each other
was an amazing experience and made me want to work there and be able to say that I influenced the world in
some small way."