23rd  Annual

Women & Society Conference


Friday, October 24


12:30- 4:30 Conference Registration & Hospitality—

                 Henry Hudson Room, 3rd Floor, Fontaine Hall



Concurrent Panels: Session 1    1:15- 2:45


1.A.     Women in Prison: The Experience of Incarcerated Women and             Women in Relationships with Incarcerated Family and                              Friends  

Randi Blumenthal-Guigui, Marist College

Diana Ortiz, Associate Director at Exodus Transitional Community, Inc.



1.B.     Difference and Taboo in Culture

“Born Imperfect”: Envisioning Physical Difference in Julia Ward Howe’s The Hermaphrodite

Jane Van Slembrouck, Fordham University


“My Vibrator and I Got Back Together”: An Analysis of Someecards Discourse on Vibrators

Meredith Morgoch, Clemson University


Eating Truth to Power: A Much Needed Discussion of Eating as a Tool to Fight Oppression and the Impact It Has on Our Personal Relationships

Chelsea Chuck, Patrick Graham, Warren Stetler & Lauri Hyers, West Chester University



1.C.     We Can Do It?  Women in Military

Will the Real “Rosie the Riveter” Please Stand Up?  Visual Rhetoric, Archival Evidence, and the Quest for Historical Authenticity

James J. Kimble, Seton Hall University


Equity for Women in the Military

Krissa A. Baylor, San Jose State University



Concurrent Panels: Session 2   (3:00-4:30)


2.A.     Performance and Perception

“Her Little Newspaper Fame”: Print Culture’s Influence and Representations of Gender in Sister Carrie


 Liza Zitelli Grabowski, Fordham University

 Helen Keller’s Public Image in Pastoral Photographs

 Charlotte Wills, Fordham University

 Constructing the Female Psychosexual Radical: Anne Sexton

 Patricia Ann Grisafi, Fordham University  


2.B.     Media, Culture & Gender

  The Complexities of Agentic Self-Construction in a Postfeminist, Digital Culture

  Dara Persis Murray, Rutgers University

   Breast Physics in Video Games

   Ryan Rogers, Marist College


Is Your Son Disruptive…Is Your Daughter Dreamy?  Gender Stereotypes in the Portrayal of Conduct Disorder in the Psychopharmaceutical-Industrial Complex

Paul Isaacson, Bethany Billy, Lincoln Blackwell, Patricia Florian, Olivia Gilarde, Stephanie Lehman, Alyssa Nix, Warren Stetler & Lauri Hyers, West Chester University  


Women & Society Buffet & Reception  (5-7 pm)

Historic Cornell Boathouse, On the Hudson River, Marist College



Dr. Bernice Sandler, "The Godmother of Title IX"—Keynote Address

Title IX:  What we gained & how much further we still need to go

7 p.m., Fusco Recital Hall, Student Center (3rd  Floor)

Keynoter: Dr. Bernice R. Sandler, the "godmother of Title IX“, is a Senior Scholar at the Women's Research and Education Institute in Washington, DC, where she consults with institutions and others about achieving equity for women and is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Drexel University College of Medicine. As a major player in the development and passage of Title IX, she has given over 2500 presentations, written more than 100 articles, and is well-known for her expertise in women's educational equity in general as well as in sexual harassment, the chilly classroom climate, and her knowledge of policies, programs and strategies concerning women on campus. Having been associated with Title IX longer than any other person, she also serves as an expert witness in discrimination and sexual harassment cases. She was the first person appointed to a Congressional committee staff to work specifically on women's issues and the first person to testify before a Congressional committee about discrimination against women in education. Back in the 1970's she filed the first charges of sex discrimination against more than 250 institutions at a time when there were no laws prohibiting sex discrimination in education.

Dr. Sandler holds a degree in counseling from the University of Maryland . She was the first Chair of the now-defunct National Advisory Council on Women's Educational Programs, having been appointed by Presidents Ford and Carter. She has taught counseling, and has worked as a psychologist, a research assistant, a nursery school teacher, a guitar instructor, and like many women, a secretary.

Her books include: The Chilly Classroom Climate: A Guide to Improve the Education of Women with Lisa A. Silverberg and Roberta M. Hall, and Sexual Harassment on Campus: A Guide for Administrators, Faculty and Students with Robert J. Shoop. A new book, Peer Sexual Harassment, K-12, with Harriett Stonehill, by Scarecrow Press is forthcoming.


Saturday, October 25


9:30-4:00  Registration & Hospitality  Henry Hudson Room

9:30 Continental Breakfast      Henry Hudson Room


Concurrent Panels:  Session 3 (10:15-11:45)


3.A.      Cinema and Gender         

Cherchez la Femme: Misogyny and Violence Against Women in a Century of On-Screen Jekyll and Hyde

Leah Richards, LaGuardia Community College, City University of New York


Gender Bias in Oscar-Nominated Cinema: A Contemporary Application of the Bechdel Test

Christine Ryan, Marist College


3.B.     Workshop: Love Your Ugly—5 Steps to Redefining Self Image

Sara Nowlin—Life Coach, Marist College


3.C.     Novels & Rhetoric

Women as Part of the Patriarchy: Masculinity, Women, and Relationships in Virginia Woolf’s Novels

David Corwin, George Mason University


Bad Women: The Rhetoric of Ann Coulter and the Anti-Suffragists

Shanna Schultz, Texas State University

Lunch (Henry Hudson Room) 12:00-1:00



Concurrent Panels:  Session 4 (1:15-2:45)


4.A.     Television Progress or Regress?: Gender, Sex and Power

From Diffident Damsel to Dragon Queen: Gender, Sex and Power in Game of Thrones

Mary Helen Millham & Diana Rios, University of Connecticut


Modern Fairy Tales: Examining Power and Perception of Female Characters in Once Upon a Time

Shannon L. Roper, Marist College



4.B.     Women Writers, Domesticity and Class           

The Domestic Perspective: Mercy Otis Warren’s Promotion of Herself as Female Historian

Patricia Tarantello, Marist College


From Object to Subject: The Vagrant Woman’s Travels from Lyrical Ballads to Lyrical Tales

Melissa Hurwitz, Fordham University


In the Drawing Room: Dorothea’s Architectural Plans in Middlemarch

Megan Witzleben, Hillbert College


4.C.     Ethics & Activism

Fabric and Fairness in Newark: Activists on Behalf of Ethical Manufacturing

Sally Dwyer-McNulty, Marist College

Women’s Grassroots Activism in Contemporary Peru

Emilie Egger, Sarah Lawrence College


Proposal for Women’s Studies Action: Women-at-the-Margins Becoming Women-in-the-Main

Mar Peter-Raoul, Marist College



Concurrent Panels: Session 5   (3:00-4:30)


5.A.     Contesting Gender Identities

Cross-Voicing: A Sociolinguistic Approach to Gendered Voices in Modernist American Poetry

Michelle McSwiggan Kelly, Fordham University


What’s in a Narrative? A Comparative Analysis of Tomboy Masculinities in Southeast Asia

Andrew “A.J.” Jones, George Mason University



5.B.     Workshop/Information Session: A Call to the W.I.L.D.—Women in Leadership Development

Alyssa Kauffman & Tania Velazquez, Suffolk County Community College