22nd Annual

Women & Society Conference


Friday October 25


Noon- 4:30 Conference Registration & Hospitality—
          Henry Hudson Room, 3rd Floor, Fontaine Hall


Concurrent Panels: Session 1 (1:00- 2:30)

1.A. Gender, Work & Play

          An Examination of How Public Relations Has Addressed the Feminization of the Workforce

          Rachel Kovacs, College of Staten Island, CUNY 

1.B. OCCUPY Feminism

          Occupy ALL Women: The Glass Ceiling and a Glass of Clean Water—Occupy Ardent Advocacy for Women Impoverished,                    Imprisoned, Raped, Trafficked, Exploited, and Executed
           Mar Peter-Raoul, Marist College

          On Foglets, Storms and Feminisms: Learning from Utility Fog, Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy Sandy Response
          Simone Kolysh, The CUNY Graduate Center

          Public Health Service and Education
          Padmini (Mini) Murthy, New York Medical College

         "Too Specific or Generic to the Fully Human": Women's Experiences in Post-Genocide Rwanda
          Jessica Mirkes, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

1.C. Public Policy

          The Unique Treatment Needs of Women with Substance Use Disorder
          Beth Quinn, Marist College

          Fire in Her Belly
          Martabel Wasserman, University of California Irvine

          3 Premierships: Evaluating Western Feminist Theory in the Modern Middle East
          Jen Grobe, Marist College

1.D. Image Representations

          Interracial Odd Couple? Crip "Buddy Movie"? Gender, Class, Race & Disability in Intouchables and Passion Fish
          Susan Cumings, University at Albany, SUNY



Concurrent Panels: Session 2 (3:00-4:30)


2.A. Figuring Out the Field: Faculty Interest Groups, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and Collaboration across the Disciplines

          Round Table Panelists: Amy Washburn, Amy Karp, & Dahlia Valle,
          CUNY Kingsborough Community College

2.B. Pedagogy

          Notes on Teaching Kate Bornstein
          Marcie Bianco, John Jay College

          Consciousness-Raising: A Tool for Feminist Praxis in College Curriculum Development
          Joanne Ardovini, Metropolitan College of New York

          Changing the Subject: Organizing Gender Studies Information in the Library
          Kaitlyn Angell, Barnard College & Emily Drabinski, Long Island university, Brooklyn

2.C. Violence & Resistance

          He had it Comin': Radical Cultures of Resistance Against Institutionalized and Interpersonal Violence
          Lexi Adsit, San Francisco University

          Framing Victims' Reasons for Staying as Communicative of Identity Processes
          Jessica J. Eckstein, Western Connecticut State University

          Armor and Sword: Uncovering a 1900 Year Old Narrative of Women's Responsibility for Men's Heterosexual Lust
          Ashley Mattheis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2.D. Beauty & Pop Culture

          Reality Makeover Shows' Viewership and Intentions to Pursue Cosmetic Surgery Among Young Women
          Amna Al Abri & Anne Borsai, University of Connecticut

          Beauty IS only Skin Deep: Movies and Aging Goddesses
          Sue Lawrence, Marist College

          Airbrushed Beauty: An Analysis of Media's Impact on Aging
          Cara Mackie & Mary Renee Beals, Florida Southern University

          Game of Thrones: Are Women More Than Pawns?
          Christina Kunkel, Augustana College


Women & Society Buffet & Reception (5-7 pm)

Historic Cornell Boathouse, On the Hudson River, Marist College




    Keynote address




"World Peace through Gender Anarchy and Sex Positivity"

7 p.m., Nelly Goletti Theatre, Student Center, 3rd Floor


Power (access to resources), identity, and desire are three of the best ways to make life more worth living for both individuals and civilizations. Sometimes, whatever it is that gives us the most joy, pleasure or relief also gets us into the deepest trouble—especially when we try to explain it to other people. Like when we love someone we're not supposed to love. Or maybe it's the way we express our genders that makes other people queasy. As harmless as we feel we're being, people may still think we're bad, wrong or immoral. There are far too many of us who are in that position in life. In this lecture/workshop, Kate Bornstein uses gender and sexuality to examine the mechanics of this oppression and the cultural structures that hold them in place in the U.S. and around the world.

Keynoter: Kate Bornstein is a world renowned transgender activist, author, playwright, performance artist, blogger and educator who focuses on issues of gender and sexuality. Her books, Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women and the Rest of Us and My Gender Workbook are essential reading in gender, queer and feminist studies. Kate's books are taught in five languages in over 200 colleges and universities around the world. She lives in New York City with her girlfriend, three cats, two dogs and one turtle, in whose company she wrote A Queer and Pleasant Danger: The true story of a nice Jewish boy who joins the Church of Scientology, and leaves twelve years later to become the lovely lady she is today. For more information on Kate Bornstein: http://katebornstein.typepad.com/

Saturday October 26


8:30 Continental Breakfast Henry Hudson Room
8:30- 5 Registration & Hospitality Henry Hudson Room


Concurrent Panels: Session 3 (9-10:30)


3.A. Performance Workshop

          Teresa of Avila (1515-1581), Mystic, Feminist, Scholar
          Nancy Bandiera, Charleston Southern University

3.B. Bearing Witness to Mother's Lives in Academia: Speaking Truth to Power to Change the Ivory Tower

          Four Kids and a Dissertation: Queering the Balance Between Family and Academia
          Vanessa Adel, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

          Envisioning a Different Journey: Negotiating the Academy with a Terminally-Ill Child
          Kirsten Isgro, SUNY Plattsburgh

          The Political Economy of Women in Academia: An Examination of Policies and Practices Affecting Motherhood
          Mari Castaneda, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

3.C. Body Politics

          Don't Call Me Inspirational: Including Disability Memoir in Women's Studies Curricula
          Harilyn Russo, founder-Networking Project for Disabled Women & Girls of the YWCA/NYC

3.D. Public Perceptions

          Gender as a Publicly Counted Category: A Look at Gender Difference in German Census Schedules
          Deborah Anna Brown, San Francisco State University

          The Betty Factor: The Rhetorical (De)Mystification of Wives, Mothers, and First Ladies in Betty Ford's International Women's                Year Remarks
          Jonathan Foland, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

         An Intersectional Analysis of Dabhoiwala's Origins of Sex and the Slutwalk Phenomenon

         Simone Kolysh, The CUNY Graduate Center


Concurrent Panels: Session 4 (10:45-12:15)


4.A. Early Independent Women

          Changing Her Nature: Independent Womanhood in Late-Victorian England
          Emma Staffaroni, Phillips Academy

          Emilie Du Chatelet, an Early Philosopher & Economist
          Edith Kuiper & Adrienne Springer, SUNY New Paltz

          First Ladies & Candidates' Spouses: Powerful, Persuasive Surrogates or Lightning Rods for Controversy?
          Mary Helen Millham, University of Connecticut

4.B. Yoga for Feminists...Feminism for Yogis: Connections, Critiques, & Short Activity

          Panelists & Demonstrators: Erin Hipple, Lauri Hyers & Samantha Sallade, West Chester University of PA

4.C. Margins & Community

          (Re)theorizing the Margins: A Comparative Analysis of Gloria Anzaldua's Borderdweller and Kate Bornstein's Gender Outlaw
          Shannon Grooms, The College of New Jersey

          After Perry, Windsor, and Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl: Where Are We Now? (U.S. Law of Marriage and Family-Making
           in 2013)
          Diane Klein, University of La Verne College of Law, Ontario, Canada

          A Community United? Understanding the Role of Gender and Sexuality in the LGBT Community
          Sarah Leger, Mount Saint Vincent University, Nova Scotia, Canada

4.D. Muting & Engaging Feminism

          Sor Juana the Hieronymite: Reexamining La Respuesta for Themes of Resistance
          Emilie Egger, Sarah Lawrence College

          When Empowerment Isn't Enough: Popular Feminism in the 21st Century
          Heather McConnell, The University of Oxford, United Kingdom


Lunch (Henry Hudson Room) 12:30-1:15


Concurrent Panels: Session 5 (1:30-3:00)


5.B. Music

          No-Place Like Home: Queer Utopias and the Affective Break into Song
          Christopher Culp, University at Buffalo, SUNY

          Gaga's Creative Chaos: Shape-Shifting Aesthetics of Identity
          Jennifer MacLatchy, Mount Saint Vincent University

          Burlesque and Neo-Burlesque: A Brief History of the Art Form and its Contemporary Feminist Advocates
          Maggie Eder, West Chester University

5.C. Gender, Identity & Online Relationships

          I am Being Realistic with My Fairy Tale to Fun: A Goffman Frame Analysis on the Sugar Dating Website Seeking Arrangement
          Brittany Cordero, California State University, Sacramento

          Marriage Equality in Games?: Opposite Sex and Same Sex Relationships in RPGs
          Karen Schrier, Marist College


5.D. Translations

          "Throwout the (Poleist) Glas Hir Bemis Brast": Reading Like a Man in The Testament of Cresseid
          Daniel de SC, SUNY New Paltz

          Feminist Ethics of Translation. Toward a New Universalism
          Damien Tissot, Paris 8 University, France

          Edible Writing, Queer Eating, & the Poetry of Gertrude Stein
          Jess Shollenberger, Barnard College

          Shades of Feminism: Patriarchy, Female Empowerment, and the Rhetoric of the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy
          Jessica Furtado, Keene State College


Concurrent Panels: Session 6 (3:15- 4:45)

6.A. Body, Sexism &Transgenderism

          Topfreedom: Casting Off Body Sexism
           Katharine Westaway, University of Miami

          Undocumented Genders: Transgender Narratives and the Grant of Asylum
          Andrew "AJ" Jones, George Mason University

          Policing FTM Bodies: An Analysis of the Biopolitical Qualifiers of FTM Transgender Group Membership
          Remy Lourenco, The College of New Jersey

6.B. Fiancées, Brides, & The World of Wives

          Exploitation or Empowerment?: Exploring the Mail-Order Bride Perspective
          Jessica Crespo, Clarion University of Pennsylvania

          Would You Accept a Patriarchal Rose?: A Visual and Verbal Rhetorical Criticism of The Bachelor Television Show
          Kelsey Schild, Keene State College

6.C. Destabilization

          Gender and Societal Role Destabilization in The Sun Also Rises and Passing
          Angela Liporace, Marist College

          Which is it? Disorienting Gender, Sex, Self and Language Through the Life and Work of Emily Dickinson
           Karen Hammer, The CUNY Graduate Center

          Caring for Children and Adults: Global Advancements in Family Leave Policy
          Dorian Woods, TC Bingen University, Germany

6.D. Religion & Women

          Women in the Roman Catholic Church
          John M. McPhee, Marist College

          Friend or Foe: Eleanor Roosevelt's Encounters with Catholicism
          Sally Dwyer-McNulty, Marist College