24th Annual

Women & Society Conference



Friday, October 23


3:30- 4:30 Registration & Hospitality  

Henry Hudson Room, 3rd Fl., Fontaine Hall


Women & Society Cocktail Buffet & Reception (5-7 pm)

Historic Cornell Boathouse, On the Hudson River, Marist College



Dr. Stacey Radin—Keynote Address


 “Power, Passion and Purpose…that’s what women are made of!”

7 p.m., Fusco Recital Hall, Multipurpose Building (MU3201)

Dr. Stacey Radin (PhD in Psychology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University) is a psychologist, researcher, and consultant who has dedicated her career to the development of girls and women. She is the founder and president of Corporate Equilibrium, specializing in the psychology of organizational effectiveness, and a member of the United Nation’s Working Group on Girls. Dr. Radin is also Founder and CEO of Unleashed-- a social justice program for middle schools empowering them to take a stand against an injustice they care deeply about; advocating for animal rights and welfare.  Most recently, she is the author of Brave Girls: Raising Young Women with Passion and Purpose to Become Powerful Leaders with Leslie Goldman, published by Simon & Schuster in 2015.


For more information on Dr. Radin and the Unleashed Program, visit  www.unleashedny.org


Saturday, October 24


8:30 Continental Breakfast                     Henry Hudson Room

8:30-4 Registration & Hospitality          Henry Hudson Room


Concurrent Panels: Session 1 (9-10:30)


1.A.      Setting the Terms: Labels & Identification    

We’re Here, We’re Queer, Get Used to It: The Benefits and Challenges of Self-Labeling as “Queer”

Lauri Hyers, Dan Soltis, Danielle Ogden, Allyson Price, & Silas Sheridan, West Chester University


Bio-political Governmentality and the LGBT Mobilization: A Case Study of the state of Tamil Nadu in India

Binitha Thampi & Lakshmi Priya, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India


Feminism & the Hijab: Mutual Exclusion

April L. Najjaj, Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait


1.B.     Misogynistic Melodies: Negative Portrayals of Women in the  American Music Industry—A Round Table

Patricia Tarantello (mediator), Elizabeth Cieszko, Kristin Dolan, Emily Keller, Taylor Liga, Valentina Soja, Kyle Thorspecken, Jessica Ventura & Arielle Watson, Marist College



1.C.     Literature & Feminist Politics

Toni Morrison Novels are Affected by Emmanuel Kant

Narjes Azimi


Bakhtin, Realism, and the Problematic “Feminist Subtext” of Can You Forgive Her?

Mark Morreale, Marist College


Antigone’s Claim

Sasha Shivers, Marist College


Concurrent Panels:  Session 2 (10:45-12:15)


2.A.     Round Table Discussion on Women’s Studies Programs

            Angela Laflen & Kirstin Bayer, Marist College


2.B.     Empowering Technology?           

Why I Don’t Need (That) Feminism: A Feminist Rhetorical Analysis of Anti-feminist Social Media Discourse

Nadia Martinez-Carrillo & Michelle Kelsey Kearl, Indiana University-Purdue University


Building Girl Power: GoldieBlox at the Intersection of Material Rhetoric and Representational Critique

Margeaux Lippman Hoskins, Dutchess Community College


Empowering Women in Technology through FIRST Robotics

Casimer DeCusatis, Marist College


2.C.     Relational Aggression & Abuse

From Mean Girls to Mean Women: Bullying, Competitiveness, and Sexism in Female Peer Groups

Lauri Hyers, Justine Nieves, Danielle Ogden, Allyson Price, Silas Sheridan, & Samantha Fernandez, West Chester University


What Makes a Sexual Predator: A Look at the Early Signs

Sankung Susso, Touro College



Lunch (Henry Hudson Room) 12:15-1:15



Concurrent Panels:  Session 3 (1:15-2:45)


3.A.     Gender & Violence

“I’d Beat Him for Being a Pussy”: Social Support Provision Likelihood for Men Abused by Female Partners

Jessica Eckstein, Western Connecticut State University


Haters Should not be Able to Hate: Hate Speech, Violence and Oppression

Ryan Silvola, Augustana College


3.B.     Roundtable Discussion: Gender, Politics & the 2016 Election      

JoAnne Myers, Marist College, and Mary Goulart, Ulster County Democratic  Women,  & NYS Federation Of  Democratic Women


3.C.     Sexism in Film

 Postmodernism and Sexism in David Fincher’s Gone Girl

Rachel Karach, Marist College


Revenge Against Patriarchy: Female Bodies Threatening Masculine Space
Amanda Friedman, West Chester University of Pennsylvania


Concurrent Panels: Session 4   (3:00-4:30)


4.A.     Staged Readings: Social Justice Gender Issues on Campus

 Alyssa Kauffman & Jason Ramirez, Suffolk County Community College


4.B.     Feminism and Cultural Perspectives

Women in Egypt: A Case Study in Feminism and Multiculturalism

 Katelynn Boynton, Marist College (alumna)


 Complete Free and Compulsory Education for the Girl Child in 2015: What Happened?

 Rita Daniels, West Virginia University


 Gendered Dynamics of Aging Among Couples: A Case of Uganda

  Ruth Nsibirano, School of Women & Gender Studies, Makerere University


4.C.     Going the Extra Mile: Athletics and Gender

 Crashing the Marathon: Women’s Distance Running as Feminist Activism

 Jaime Schultz, Pennsylvania State University


Does Gender Matter in Mentorship? A Study on Collegiate Sports Female Coaches and Their Mentor

Chu Yuan Ng, New York University


 The Intersectionality of Intimate Partner Violence, Professional Athletes and Media Outlets

Teresa Jackson, Knox College, McNair Scholars Program