Looking for various types of international economic information. Links to the World Bank, IMF, U.S. Foreign Trade Statistics, and Detailed Exchange Rate Data amongst others will provide a wide range of useful information.

The World Bank

This website offers information about the World Bank, what it does, who are its members and leaders, and how it operates. It also provides regional overview, annual reports, projects, listing of partners, and special interest for international regions. A brief overview debt issuance of the World Bank is available.

The World Trade Organization

Currently, The World Trade Organization website is in transition and taking on a new look. The website is still available to be seen and certain types information can be accessed. The text of the website is available in English, Spanish, or French (see upper right hand corner). Various reports including WTO Annual Reports and Trade Policy Reviews are on this website. Various statistics will be available.

Bank of International Settlement

The Bank of International Settlement (BIS) offers information about the purposes, functions, and duties of this international organization. There is currently information about Financial Stability Institute (FSI). BIS website has a number of publications available including the BIS Review dating back to January, 1997. Annual and quarterly reports are available in five languages (English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish). Other publications include newsletters and working papers ranging from Industry Views on Credit Risk Mitigation, Basel Committee Review of International Accounting Standards, and others.

International Monetary Fund

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) website also offers information about the purposes, functions, and duties of the IMF. Information regarding Fund Rates, SDR's (Special Drawing Rights), and country information relating to various issues involving the IMF. There is information discussing Fiscal Transparency, Banking Sector Supervision, and other topics to hopefully "improve economic policy making and strengthen the international financial system."


Europages offers a listing of 500,000 companies in 30 countries throughout Europe. One can get listings of companies by Industry type, geographical location, type of activity, and/or workforce of company. This is great for starting place international industry analysis or surveying.

Institute for International Economics

The Institute for International Economics (IIE) provides many interesting publications on important and controversial current events. This ranges from China entering the WTO, International Financial Architecture, globalization, Korean unification, and dollarization amongst others. There is a listing of researchers available along with email address for contact organized by area of expertise.

European Union

The European Union (EU) website provides an in-depth information about the EU and its structure such as the Parliament, Court of Justice, Economic and Social Committee, and European Investment Bank. Various statistics and Euro exchange rates along with the Euro yield curve are available. Note: It can be read in several different languages.

European Central Bank

European Central Bank has a wide range of statistics available. These statistics range from daily nominal effective exchange rate, retail interest rate statistics, payment statistics, and others. A statistical press releases are listed.

Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development

Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) discuss numerous issues and topics. Sustainable development, international development, finance and investment, environment, employment, and economics (studies and survey) are only but a few.

Organization of American States

This website offers a brief organizational structure of this international organization. There are key issues, speeches, policies, documents, and publications ranging from promotion of democracy, education, labor and others

U.S. Trade Representative Home Page

Need information about U.S. trade relations. This website provides many important documents and agreements regarding Agricultural Trade, Trade with China, Multilateral Agreement on Investment and others. A listing of various Trade Representatives including their biographies are available.

U.S. International Trade Statistics

U.S. foreign trade statistics are available here. The statistics are broken down by imports and exports with various countries. These goods and services are also broken down by Standard International Trade Code (SITC).

Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)

Outside of the Bureau of Economic Analysis providing regional and national economic statistics nationally for the United States, it provides various international and trade related statistics such as U.S. Balance of Payments, exports and imports, investment position, and direct investment.

Detailed Exchange Rate Data

Interested in foreign exchange currency? Here one can follow foreign exchange rates of as many as 163 currencies along with historical data.

Asian Crisis

This website provides interesting research and information regarding the Asian Crisis. It provides everything from the causes and events leading to the crisis itself to the proposed solutions by the IMF.