The following links are related to macroeconomic statistics, data, issues, and research of the United States. Websites include the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Federal Reserve Bank System, National Bureau of Economic Research, and others.

Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)

The Bureau of Economic Analysis, apart of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is responsible for publishing most of the economic indicators for the United States economy. It releases such data as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Purchases, Personal Income, Balance of Payments, etc. The BEA also publishes Survey of Current Business available back to 1995 along with other data and articles both internationally and regionally within the U.S.

United States Department of Labor

The website of the U.S. Department of Labor provides various types of information. Under "About DOL," there is a list of links about the history of the Department of Labor, Fiscal Year finance, performance reporting and plans along with contacts and statutes. There is a list of agencies of the DOL including Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS), and others. Finally, there is links FEDSTATS for federal statistics websites and labor related sites including OSHA and MSHA for occupational injury/illness incidence rates, and mining accidents and injury statistics.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

The Bureau of Labor Statistics the provider of the Labor Force, Employment, and Unemployment Rate figures. The Bureau also releases Average Hourly Earnings (along with Average Weekly Hours, and Average Weekly Earnings), the Consumer Price Index (CPI) both nationally and regionally, the Producer Price Index, U.S. Import Price Index, the Employment Cost Index, and the Productivity figures. There are educational resources available along with contact information, surveys and programs, publications, research, and other various types of information.

Federal Reserve System - Board of Governors

This website gives a solid foundation of knowledge of what the Federal Reserve System does. It provides general information, goals, and duties of the "Fed" and the banking system News, testimonies, and speeches are available to be read about the U.S. banking system and economy. A history of Monetary Policy can also be seen by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), the Beige Book, and Humphrey-Hawkins Reports. Various types of other research, data, and publications are available about the U.S. banking system, economy, monetary policy, and finance sector.

Twelve Federal Reserve District Banks

This website provides a map with links to all twelve Federal Research District Banks including branch offices. There is information about the functions of each bank. Additionally, there are a wide of publications published by each Fed bank. This would include such publications as the Review by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, and the Regional Economy by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

National Association of Realtors

A wide range of national housing data is available at this website. Monthly seasonal an non-seasonally adjusted volume figures are available along with housing inventory. Median and Mean (Average) Sales Prices are available. These figures are not only available currently but in historical tables. Also, existing single-family, apartments, condos, and co-op sales by state are available.

National Association of Purchasing Management

Offers a wide range of information. It offers exam preparations for C.P.M and A.P.P. It offers educational course in such areas as "Cost/Price Analysis and Negotiations", certification, and accreditation. It also holds conferences including the NAPM's 85th Annual International Purchasing Conference and Educational Exhibit announced on its website including publications such as Manufacturing NAPM Report on Business and The Journal of Supply Chain Management.

National Bureau of Economic Research

As the website puts it: "The NBER is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of how the economy works." The NBER website includes the official business cycle dating, several databases on Manufacturing Industry Productivity, savings and investments, and Macro History Databases. It also offers a wide range of research including the articles entitled: "NBER Project on Exchange Rate Crises in Emerging Market Countries" and Sloan/NBER Project on Industrial Technology and Productivity."

National Association for Business Economics (NABE)

NABE offers many link categories ranging from Macro Data to International Data to Micro/Industry Sites. Likewise, membership is available and various calendars about current economic data releases and current events with the NABE.

Economic Report of the President

This website is dedicated to the Economic Report of the President. Currently featured is the 2000 Economic Report. From this page, one can down load this version in PDF. 1995 through 1999 Economic Reports of the President are also available along with 1996 through 2001 FY budgets.

National Economic Council

The National Economic Council website provides a summery of what the NEC does. There is a listing of NEC functions, staff, and speeches. A listing of related links is available and major economic policy documents.

The Dismal Scientist

The Dismal Scientist website follows a variety of economic indicators and makes them available on the website. These range from Oil and Gas Inventories, CPI, Jobless Claims, Treasury Budget, Current Account (Part of Balance of Payments, Consumer Confidence, and many more. Articles are categorized by one of five subject headings ranging from "Today's Economy" to "International Markets" to Economics in "Perspective." Forecasts are available in the following areas: Consumers, Interest Rates/Exchange Rates, GDP, Income, Labor, Prices, Producers, and Real Estate.

The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government

The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute offers seven main areas of study. These areas include: 1). State and Local Finances and Employment, 2). Welfare Jobs and Heath, 3). Urban and Metropolitan Studies, 4). New York Program, 5). NYS Forum for IRM, 6). Higher Education, and 7). Public Management Internship Program

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

The IRS's website contains information and statistics relevant to tax collections, number of returns, refunds, and other information regarding income taxation. Information on excise taxes, estate taxes, corporate tax, and various other taxes are also provided.

Economist Joke

If you are looking for a little bit of humor, this site provides top 10 lists, short stories, and other jokes about Economists and economics.

Fair Model

Fair Model provides US Model, MC1 Model, and MC2 Models for macroeconometric and multi-country econometric analysis. Variations of these models are provided in this website along with data sets.

Economics of Networks

Ranked as one of the top 5 website by The Economist magazine. This website is a "collection of information on economic issues of networks, such as the internet, telephone and fax communications networks, . . ." If you are looking for papers/research on the Microsoft Anti-Trust Case, there are several on the subject.

Resources for Economists

The resource links contained in this website range from forecasting and consulting, data, software, and general interest along with job, grants and academic advice. This website is sponsored by the American Economic Association.

White House Economic Statistic Briefing Room

The White House "Economic Statistic Briefing Room" provides such statistics as production (advanced retail sales, housing starts, etc), output (GDP and components, personal savings rate, corporate profits, etc), and money (money stock and components, aggregate reserves, bank credit, etc)