Name: Caroline Rider
Title: Associate Professor
Office Location: Dyson 309
Extension: (845) 575-3000 ext. 2909
Degrees Held: J.D., NYU School of Law; B.A. Smith College, cum laude

Interests: I teach classes in International Trade Management, Legal Foundations of Business, Business Law I & II, and Global Business & Society, and at the graduate level, Legal Environment of Business and Global Environment of Business. I am also interested in international small to medium sized enterprises, industrial clusters of SMEs, and international strategic alliances among SMEs. I am the Liaison to the City Fellows Program, sponsored by the British Consulate, for African-American and Hispanic graduates who are working in the area of finance.

Publications: Most recent work includes presentations and proceedings in Washington, Norway, Ireland, Canada, Sweden, and Scotland. Papers presented include "Paradigm Shift in Small Business Theory: Ramification of Investigation of Small Firms' Strategic Alliances," "International Strategic Alliances Involving SME's: Recent Trends in Literature," "International Small-to-Medium-Sized Enterprises: What Do We Know So Far; Where Do We Go From Here," and "An Entrepreneurial Framework for International Strategic Alliances of SMEs: Implications for Strategic Alliance Research and for Entrepreneurship Education."