Name: Christy Huebner Caridi
Title: Affiliate Assistant Professor of Economics
Office Location: St. Ann's Hermitage 204
Extension: (845) 575-3000 ext. 2057
Degrees Held:

Ph.D. New School University
M.B.A. Fordham University
B.A. New School for Social Research


She contributed to the design of an accounting matrix that integrated the National Income and Product Accounts with Flow of Funds accounts. The methodology she developed permitted the creation of a full set of accounting statements for the US economy as well as for each sector of the economy. She wrote a model of the US economy that permitted the direct exploration of sector influence on the level of GDP. She contributed to the preliminary design of financial multipliers which addresses the question of expansion and contraction of the level of GDP by sector. She has worked extensively on the development and testing of simulation models of the US economy.


She has developed a number of working papers for the Bernard Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis series including, �The Relationship between Credit Expansion, Inactive Balances and the Capital Stock� and �Keynes�s Inactive Balances, the Banking Sector and Effective Demand.� She is currently working on local economic forecasts under the auspices of the Bureau of Economic Research here at Marist College.