Name: Satina Williams
Title: Assistant Professor of Accounting
Office Location: Dyson 356
Extension: (845) 575-3000 ext. 2962
Degrees Held: PhD in Accounting-2003 Virginia Commonwealth University
MBA in General Management-1991 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
BS in Public Accounting-1984 Benjamin Franklin Univ, School of Accountancy

Interests: Auditing, Financial

Publications: "U.S. Doctoral Students' Familiarity with Accounting Journals: Insights into the Structure of the U.S. Academy" with Bill N. Schwartz and Paul F. Williams, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, April 2005.

"Accounting History in Undergraduate Introductory Financial Accounting Courses: An Exploratory Study" with Bill N. Schwartz, Journal of Education for Business, March/April 2002.

"Creativity in Internal Auditing Departments" with Benson Wier, Internal Auditing, November/December 2000.

"Value-Added Auditing: Where are the Efficiencies Realized" with Benson Wier, Internal Auditing, July/August 2000.
Research Interests: Behavioral, Education, Internal Auditing