Business and Accounting internships have provided our students with a valuable learning experience as consistently shown by surveys submitted by students at the end of their internships. In addition to applying skills and classroom knowledge, the internship also assists the student in formulating career goals and plans. A number of students have received job offers from their internship organizations and have subsequently become a valuable member of the organization. In several instances, students have changed or added to their concentrations. Internships are important to enable the student to learn and practice the skills needed by an educated professional entering the work force.

Most students work in internships consistent with their concentration and interests. In the U.S., companies such as American Express, Citicorp, CNBC, General Electric, IBM, Merrill Lynch, Pepsico, Pfizer and Time-Life have employed and are employing our interns. Some Marist students have been assigned to leading edge work such as website creation and marketing, e-commerce, and various types of analyses such as market, economic and financial analysis. Although there are paid internships, most are non-paid.


Examples of internships are:

  1. Intern assigned to the Daimler Chrysler Mergers and Acquisitions Dept. (Stuttgart) assisting in the analysis of a possible acquisition of a Chinese auto firm.
  2. Intern assigned to assist the U.S. Embassy Commercial Attaché (Madrid) in assessing market opportunities for U.S. firms.
  3. Students assigned to website marketing (Time-Life, Venture Direct).
  4. Student assigned to economic analysis - U.S. Army Department of Economic Analysis, West Point.



Some of the organizations that have employed Marist interns in the U.S. and abroad are:

  • American Embassy (Madrid)
  • American Express/Ameriprise
  • Cendant Mobility
  • Citicorp
  • CNBC
  • Coca Cola
  • Columbia Pictures
  • Daimler Chrysler (Germany)
  • General Electric
  • Greenpeace (Australia)
  • IBM
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Madison Square Garden
  • Merrill Lynch
  • MTV
  • N.Y. State (Albany, London)
  • Pepsico
  • Pfizer
  • Smith Barney
  • Sony
  • Time-Life
  • UBS



Internship eligibility in the School of Management requires that the student have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and be a junior or senior in standing. Transfer students must have completed 12 credits at Marist with a GPA minimum of 2.5.

Internships for credit are done in terms of 45 work hours per credit hour. Credits are applied from the student's current unused elective credits. Internships are supervised by a member of the School of Management. In addition to working the required length of time, the School of Management has several additional work-related requirements that must be met for a for-credit internship. These are provided by the SOM internship supervisor at the time of approval of the internship.

For-credit internships require SOM internship supervisor approval of sites where interns have not worked before. Usually, this requires a detailed job description of the activities to be performed by the student and written by a responsible representative of the organization.

Once having secured a for-credit internship with an organization, the student is required to obtain several copies of a Field Experience Eligibility Form from Career Services for signature by the internship manager in Career Services, the student and the SOM internship supervisor. One of the signed forms will be provided to the Registrar for entry into the student's course database. At the end of the semester, the SOM internship supervisor will assign one of three grades depending on the student's meeting requirements of the internship: P (Pass) NC (No Credit) and U (Unsatisfactory).


The following are statements made by School of Management students about their internships:

"This experience has been the best opportunity that I have had in my young career. It has opened doors for me when I was unsure if they would ever open. It has given me the opportunity to prove to myself, and my managers that I am competent, intelligent, and efficient in completing my tasks. I have become more confident in my abilities in finance, and business in general. I have developed many skills and made many contacts in my time at IBM, which... will be further continuing.

I will be moving into a new position in the coming months, in a new area of the business. I am taking a position as a financial analyst in e-business, which is a rapidly growing, high profile area in the company. A position like this gives a young employee a lot of exposure and allows me the opportunity to prove myself to high level executives at a young age and establish myself in the company rather quickly."

IBM Intern


"I learned much from my internship here in Germany. Most of all, I value the experience I have gained working with different cultures. I learned that intercultural projects aren't always as easy as "peaches and cream" like some textbooks imply. Often times, it requires a conscious and concerted effort to get anything done at all when working with different cultures from your own. Managers aren't always "enlightened" with business degrees that included intercultural communication. Even with this education from school, it is easier learnt than done to work in such a global environment. One absolutely needs practical experience and on the job education. It is a necessity. There are two important lessons one can learn from an internship: what one wants to do, and what one doesn't want to do."

Daimler Chrysler Intern


"Overall, my internship was very rewarding. First is the fact that I am finally building my resume with marketing experience. I have worked during the summer full time; however, it has only been with financial services firms. This has allowed me to pursue more jobs within my major. Second, is the brand name, MTV, is a great item to have on my resume. Third is getting to work in a different kind of industry from what I am used to. It was a lot more fun working for an entertainment conglomerate rather than for a bank-regulating agency. The people were a lot younger and hip and the general vibe of the office was fresh. Finally, it was interesting to see topics that I have studied in my business classes, play out right in front of me everyday at work. My internship this semester has been both educational and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend to anyone to do an internship before they graduate just to get an idea of what it is like out in the real world."

MTV Intern


"Overall, I am very pleased with the time I spent at Cendant Mobility. It has given me a look into the business world and has allowed me to separate my likes and dislikes. Going into the internship I did not know what to expect. The experience has surpassed my expectations."

Cendant Intern
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