Frequently Asked Questions:

About Marist's MPA Degree

1.  Must I have an undergraduate degree in a specific area to pursue my MPA at Marist College?

No. We designed the Marist MPA degree to accommodate the academic needs of working professionals with undergraduate degrees in many areas.

2.  How long does it take to complete the MPA program?

People studying part-time generally take 5 to 6 classes per year (using summer classes) and generally complete the MPA program in less than three years.  People pursuing full-time studies can complete the program in no more than 2 years.

3.  How often do on-site courses meet?

Classes meet one night per week.

4.  How are the online MPA courses structured?

Online MPA courses are organized and presented in much the same way as in a traditional classroom. The professor posts lectures, readings, and class assignments at regular intervals throughout the course. Assignments and exams are time sensitive in that they are due on a specific date. Online students simply submit work electronically by the due date.

5.  Do I have to be a computer expert to pursue the MPA program online?

No. The only computer skills required are a familiarity with Windows, the internet, and Microsoft Office.

6.  How many online classes can I take at one time?

Students study part-time and take one class per round; thus, two per semester. 

7.  Can I complete the entire MPA program online?

Yes! You can complete your entire MPA degree from the comfort of your own keyboard. Of course, if you wish to have a personal meeting with your professor, you are most welcome to do so although they are available in weekly online chats and by phone and email.

8.  What do I need to apply to the MPA program?

The MPA admissions process is the same whether you intend to pursue your MPA in the classroom, online, or a combination of both. Submit the following materials:

    • A completed Graduate Admission Application (available online)
    • A $50 application fee (you may pay this online if you are completing the online application or you may send a check or money order payable to Marist College)
    • Official GRE score report taken within the last five years (Marist College reporting code is 2400)
    • Official transcripts of all prior undergraduate and graduate institutions attended
    • A current resume with work credentials that demonstrate your proficiency to plan and organize activities; your ability to work collaboratively; and your experience in, or your potential to assume, a management position in a public/nonprofit organization
    • An essay that summarizes your career objectives, indicates why you chose to apply to the Marist MPA program, and describes your personal and/or professional expectations about the program
    • Two letters of recommendation (from employment or academic professional) 

All applicants to the MPA program must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university.

Please send all your hard copy materials to

 Marist College: Graduate & Adult Enrollment (see address at the bottom of this page). The Office of Graduate & Adult Enrollment will notify you when your file is complete.

9.  Whom do I call if I have any questions?

The Director of Graduate Admissions is available to assist you with any additional questions you may have by email at  Call the Graduate Admissions Office at (845) 575-3800 or toll free 888-877-7900 to arrange a telephone or personal appointment.