The Research Experience

Marist School of Management Research ExperienceThe Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) initiative in the School of Management cultivates and supports research partnerships between undergraduate students and School of Management faculty members. REUs provide an opportunity for undergraduate students, to work as part of the team on a faculty member's research project or to participate in a case competition requiring intensive research. REUs engage undergraduates more fully in the learning process and enable undergraduates to gain an appreciation of the role of research in business.

Marist School of Management faculty reflect the diversity and depth of research interests and activity at the School. The School of Management serves as an intellectual hub for School of Management and other Marist faculty, students, and members of the business community, who come together to study and debate key business challenges. Their work generates courses, academic programs, community outreach, published research, and partnerships among academics, government, and industry.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Faculty members submit descriptions of research projects for which they seek assistance. If approved for funding, the research project description and student qualifications will be posted on the School of Management REU web site. Students send completed application to Robin Will ( to be submitted to faculty members. Next, the faculty member selects the student from those who apply. Students will receive an hourly wage for working for the faculty member, based on amount of time worked and nature of the work.

The duties of the student must be definable and substantive rather than menial. Examples of tasks might include running statistical analyses, interviewing respondents, administering questionnaires, collecting data, or conducting library research. When submitting the proposal, the faculty member must identify the nature of the research, the expectations for the students, and the expected dissemination of that research (e.g., journal article, conference presentation). Students should be encouraged to participate in the dissemination of the research, including a School of Management Research Symposium and the required Marist Celebration of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (CURSCA). Students involved in these projects may not receive course credit.

For faculty members interested in engaging undergraduates in a research project, please fill out the application and submit to Renee Stagnaro (

For student interested in applying for to work with a faculty member, please fill out the application and submit to Renee Stagnaro (