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Manage your Alert Contact Preferences

Access your Account
Before you can edit and update your Marist Alert contact preferences, you should have received a welcome invitation email with instructions on how to access your account.  Please keep your member ID and password for future access.  If you have not received this email, please call the Office of Safety and Security at 845-471-1822 for assistance, or email

Edit your Alert Contact Preferences
To manage and edit your Marist Alert contact preferences, follow this link to the Everbridge portal.

All students, faculty and staff have received an invitation email to create an account in the Everbridge portal to add your alert contact methods (email, sms/text message, phone call, etc.).

By default, your Marist email is your only contact method for MaristAlerts to reach you in the event of an emergency.  Cell phone numbers and personal email addresses may be entered via the Everbridge portal.
Emergency Alert Contact Sequence:
1. Marist Email address
2. SMS (Text message)
3. Phone call to Cell Phone
4. Personal Email address
5. Alternate Phone call

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to input and update their MaristAlerts contact methods upon receipt of the welcome email.   The welcome email will be titled "Member Portal Registration Invitation".

everbridge portal login

Remember, you can add  and remove the communication paths that MaristAlerts will utilize to reach you in the event of an emergency situation.  We suggest including at least three (3); ex: Marist Email, Cell phone (phone call), and SMS (Text message).

More Information

As with all methods of emergency communication, it is important to remember that MaristAlerts will be just one of the many ways that the College communicates to the community when an emergency occurs.

See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or Reporting an Emergency for more information.

For MaristAlerts technical assistance, please call 845-471-1822, or email